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Crush Them All - Idle RPG Walkthrough Gameplay FREE APP (IOS/Android) May 2017 By Godzilab

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March your way through evil lands, crush gigantic bosses in the epic idle RPG

March your way through the evil lands, crush the gigantic bosses and free the princess in the epic idle role-playing game, Crush Them All.
Tap with one finger, collect and upgrade hundreds of heroes, find powerful artifacts and progress in this never-ending journey even while taking a break!

● COLLECT and UPGRADE heroes to crush stronger enemies along your journey
● LAUNCH visually impressive skills
● EXPLORE 1000+ stages
● ASCEND to new worlds to earn prisms and make your army stronger.
● CRAFT 50+ powerful artifacts to give your heroes more powers
● PROGRESS while being away, earning gold and battling enemies.

PLEASE NOTE! Crush Them All is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Crush Them All.

A network connection is also required.

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4.0.3 and up
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USK: Ages 6+
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Alex 4
It would be a higher rating if the floozs stop glicthing. I had 83 flooz then i logged on one day and had 43 even though i hadnt bought any thing. I thought not a big deal and didnt notice, but it just now happened again but insted i had 23! Pls fix my flooz or it will be very hard to progress. Thank you for your time. Other wise this is a great game and a good time waster.
yohannes 3
Nice idle game, very simple n easy to play. Sadly the save state kinda confusin n annoyin, playin 10-15 minutes then exit games n come back again only to see the game back to the past (before the 10-15 minutes of in-game play)
Matthew 3
It is essentially endless frontier but devs are not as generous plus the prices for flooz is a joke. If i were you i wouldnt even bother and just go with endless frontier instead.
lee 4
The lack of quests and objectives are the let downs. While waiting for the weekly boss fight, the guild is useless. The floor objective is also too far apart from one another.
Flocerfina 4
Amazing ! but i need to link my acc. To play it on other my other device and there is no option for that.. so all I can do is wait until you update it and add more exciting events, options,heroes,artifacts
David 4
The chests that appear in game seem to go away after a while. These are the chests where you get gems for the game. In endless frontier they had a good number of chests but here they seem to drop off after a while which makes it harder to progress.
Frostic 3
The game play is enjoyable. But the adds to recieve the bonus needs to be more impact eapecailly the 2x speed boost should last longer than 20mins make it 1hour or 2hours. The gold chest is definately not worth clicking on unless you are guaranteed flooz like 10 or more since you have to watch an add. Where as the normal chest gives you 1,3 or 5 flooz without the adds but after a period of time playing they dont appear often. The base game speed is already slow it feels like you are forced to get the speed boost to compete. Try to speed up the base speed or do something about the speed boost to make it more balanced. The dungeon tickets 4 is no enough you should be able to get more based on your power level or how many stages you have completed. Its annoying having to put a hero on the team to evolve it without losing prism on your set team already. I also feel like the guild should be able to fight other bosses even when threre is no active events because it get boring when no events are on. I would rate the game higher than 3 stars but these are the current issues with the game that I feel is holding it back.
Dr 1
The game is broken, its constantly rolling back. I'd leave the game at stage 250 come back and play to 299 and close the game and when I come back all of a sudden I'm on stage 155. This happened twice during the same run. Needless to say I am done wasting my time with this game.
Benjamin 3
Love the game but i just bought the starter pack the screen went blury an then closed so i reopened the app n still havent got it 500 flooz n hikari n some other stuff plz can u fix as i do love this game but if nothing is done i will change my rateing an stop playing i spent almost 7 bucks n didnt get what i paid for so plz plz fix
Ryan 5
One of the few idle games worth playing. Very comparable to Endless Frontier. Worth the time you are looking to waste. The support team is great and quick to address concerns.
jacob 4
This game is an amazingly fun game, but there are things that could improve the game for the players and the devs. First off, the flooz prices are way too high. $5 is waaaaaaay too much for only 100 flooz. You guys would make much more if you guys would up the flooz per purchase by quite a bit. The event rewards also aren't that good for the effort needed to put into it. Also there should be more ways to earn the rings for evolving champions. The reasoning behind this is that you only get guild points during events and dungeons only give 1 ring. The only other way is to get a duplicate from a chest, so that would be nice if you'd add more ways to get those. That is all the criticism that I have and the rest of the game is pretty great in my opinion. Thanks bye.

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