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Crush Them All - Idle RPG Walkthrough Gameplay FREE APP (IOS/Android) May 2017 By Godzilab

Description & Details

The unique IDLE RPG on Google Play. Upgrade your heroes and battle for victory!

"A much-anticipated IDLE RPG masterpiece on Google Play Store!!!”
March your way through the evil lands, crush the gigantic bosses and free the princess in the epic idle role-playing game, Crush Them All.
Tap with one finger, collect and upgrade hundreds of heroes, find powerful artifacts and progress in this never-ending journey even while taking a break!

● COLLECT and UPGRADE heroes to crush stronger enemies along your journey
● LAUNCH visually impressive skills
● EXPLORE 1000+ stages
● ASCEND to new worlds to earn prisms and make your army stronger.
● CRAFT 50+ powerful artifacts to give your heroes more powers
● PROGRESS while being away, earning gold and battling enemies.

PLEASE NOTE! Crush Them All is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Crush Them All.

A network connection is also required.

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Android Version
4.2 and up
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USK: Ages 6+
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100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

Arianne 5
I love the game.. i dont understand why other say its not good.. but for me its a good one. Not the best game though but i really love it.
Harry 3
Each 25 stages is 1 elements ! I understood ! But its so freaking hard to pass those levels without topping up ! Creeps r so strong ! And even the stage's element not against the element which against each other still receiving high damages, dont know how or why ! Make the game balance, not try to make game involve with money too much like this otherwise I would rate this game 5* ! But this is seriously p2w
Stiv 3
So based on my experience on playing this game about a week, floozes (ingame currency) are hard to get, and the prices for it is ridiculously high, you cant just sell a starter pack for 5$, most games only cost 1$, and bosses that are immune to all elements except one ? Meh, what's the point of increasing one unit's prism lvl just to be stuck on one boss stage? Had to use sleeping potions and invest all on 1 unit, its not worth it, at least make the boss damagable
Michael 2
Requiring you to connect with your Facebook account for friends. Change this.. Edit: Thank you for taking time to respond. I barely use Facebook (last updated my FB account 4 years ago..) Tying a game to FB imo is not the best approach, I personally do not link any game to FB. I feel when a developer does this they are only going to get certain players and not a broader spectrum. Making friends in-game is part of the fun of playing a new game. Trying to get my parents to play a game is never going to happen lol.
Shaun 4
Love these kinda games, this one's got me hooked for a few weeks already. Only complaint is the Flooz prices being stupidly high. Godzlab, you guys can't tell me you're not noticing this?
Patrick 3
Call it inspired by, or call it ripped off from, but this is nearly identical to ekkorrs endless frontier game, even down to the "certain dungeons are open on day x and give resource y", While I had fun, I didn't need to play the same game twice. Plus, there is no option in game to suppress notifications so that is and automatic -1 star and uninstall right there.
Genico 5
How to pass lvl 700. I'm stuck here. Immune to water? Please fix this one? Can't get rid of it. :(
William 4
Decent copy of Endless Frontier, except without all the free premium currency. Ekkorr gives away hundreds of gems daily, and you can earn them in game in dozens of ways. Kinda disappointing that everything that costs flooz is so expensive, but there are so few ways to get flooz without spending money. Ekkorr's model has enticed me to spend a few hundred bucks, whereas, I'm less motivated to "pay to play" with other idle games. Perhaps give us more opportunity to get premium currency without spending money, and those of us who DO support developers will be a bit looser with out wallets. I'm afraid to spend any premium currency, because I'm not sure if I'm making a wise purchase, with no additional income in sight. Overall, pretty polished game, but I'm not sure I'd call it unique. It's almost a direct copy of EF, which isn't a bad thing. (been playing EF for a couple of years.) I'll keep playing for a while, but if I hit a pay wall (getting pretty close to that, already) I'll just uninstall. Edit: I need a way to turn off notifications. I'm currently getting about 5 per hour. I'll play when I want, not when you want me to. Please, and thank you.
Benjamin 1
Unable to switch devices despite being connected to both facebook and google play account
Joseph 5
Fun and has a decent guild system. Flooz is way too expensive
Lőrinc 1
Is there anything in this game that is not a direct copy of Endless Frontier? No? Nice job.


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