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Data Transfer Tool

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Joshua 2
Transferred my Google accounts out of order. Apparently your "first" Google account is kind of a default and this app does not allow you to specify which account is first. Some apps will only work well with this default account. I ended up performing a factory reset and transferring everything manually.
Dammions 3
It's not great doesn't do anything different from what just downloading from cloud would. I don't save much to my phone so didn't see a huge reward. It didn't sync the app data so still had to sign into and setup all the apps
Transfers a good amount of old content. Unfortunately, app info is not one of them. Not quite as good as Samsung Smart Switch, since that one will practically make a carbon copy of your old phone.
Dezroy 5
Worked great for my Nexus 6P to Pixel 2 XL. Did a good amount of data. Transfer things I not expect, which is a good thing.
AJ 5
Worked Great for me when copying from my Pixel to my Pixel 2 xl! Had my phone all set up pretty much just the way I like it in about 5 minutes! Definitely one of my favorite features of pixel devices!
Derek 1
This failed for me moving from Pixel XL to Pixel 2 XL. None of my WiFi networks restored, no call history, no texts, etc. I don't care about call history or texts, I use Allo for most messaging, but I'm upset about my dozens of WiFi networks.
Jaime 1
It didn't work between pixel 2xl and Nexus 6
Paul 1
Crapped out between LG G5 and Pixel 2 XL. Had to use the Verizon transfer tool.
Vishal 5
Great tool, my new Pixel2 was ready to use in no time with all my data and settings from Pixel
Andrew 3
It worked ok. No MMS data cane across and app state was lost. So did half the job.
Casanova 5
Worked without any issues from V20 to Pixel 2 XL. It was fast too!!

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