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First month is FREE! Watch and record live TV. Available in select U.S. cities.*

*YouTube TV is currently available to residents of the following areas: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area. For more info, please see*

Stream from major broadcast and cable channels ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, The CW, ESPN, your local sports channels & more.
• Take your TV with you. Watch recorded and on-demand TV , anywhere you go in the U.S.
• Simultaneously record live sports, must-see shows, series, news, events, movies & TV episodes without DVR storage limits. Each recording will be stored for 9 months.
• Share up to 6 YouTube TV accounts with your household for the price of 1 membership.
• Stream on all your screens: phone, tablet, computer, laptop and TV with Google Chromecast.
• $35/month. Get your first month free.
• No commitment, cancel anytime.

Watch it.
Choose the live TV you want to stream and how you want to stream it, whether on your mobile phone, computer, laptop, or TV. Watch live sports and news from local channels, and movies and must-see shows from popular broadcast and cable networks. Stream the game on your way to work, or catch up on the day's news from the comfort of your living room.

Plus, make YouTube TV yours with optional premium networks like SHOWTIME, available for an additional monthly charge.

Record it.
Record your favorite shows, news, movies, or basketball and soccer games, even if they're on at the same time. With no DVR storage limits, you'll never run out of space for your favorites. And we'll keep each of your recordings for 9 months.

Share your YouTube TV membership
Spread the TV love and share YouTube TV with up to 5 members of your family, or even roommates, without having to share passwords. That means 6 members of your household can watch and record all of their favorites and store them in their own personal DVR libraries.

Sports fan?
With access to regional and national sports networks, you'll be able to watch major sporting events from MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAA, Soccer, and more. Streaming from ESPN, FOX Sports, and even regional sports channels, is convenient for everyone.

Keep up with local and national news
You won't miss a moment of breaking news. Watch your local morning and evening news and keep up with national and world events from leading news and broadcast channels.

Live, recorded & on-demand TV.


Big Ten Network , CBS Sports Network, Comcast RSN (regional), ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews, ESPNU, Fox RSN (regional), FS1, FS2, Golf Channel, NBCSN, SEC Network

AMC, BBC America, Bravo, Chiller, E!, Freeform, FX, FXM, FXX, IFC, Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild, Oxygen, Sundance Channel, SyFy, Universal HD, USA, YouTube Red Originals, WE tv

BBC World News, CNBC, Fox Business, Fox News, MSNBC

Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Sprout

Universo, Telemundo

Sports and premium networks like SHOWTIME and Fox Soccer Plus are also available for an additional monthly charge. Try 1 month free.

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Latest Ratings

Rachelle 4
The user interface is easy to use, seamless. I use chrome cast to cast to my television. My previous set up consisted of rearranging an unsightly antenna with every channel change and programs would still skip. YouTube TV eliminates that problem. Live TV streams without any hiccups. But is it worth $35 per month? I plan to make good use of the 30 day free trial to figure that out. Huge upside for me is if I decide to cancel there is no equipment to return. A downside I can see already is the kids TV networks are limited to sprout, DisneyXD and DisneyJR. I would like to see my local PBS station made available. My kids are shouting for Cartoon Network. Only 2 days into the trial... will update soon.
Cody 1
GET MORE DEVICES SUPPORTED !!!!!! There is serious misleading in the description implying support for anything above a set version of android, but in reality Google is limiting this to a very, very small selection of devices, including NO TV streaming services, and NO Tablets. I can't help but feel they are intentionally trying to drive customers away, because months later they have done literally nothing with this product to improve it in any way. You have FAR too much competition to be this lazy and uncaring. And add background play for the love of everything you consider holy. We are so far into this release and STILL no tablet support for non iPads. I'm really likely to cancel this subpar service and go with one of the many, many, many competitors who I expect have decent apps with modern device support. Google, how about background play on a cell phone so every time I hit a button and my screen closes the show doesn't stop playing, is that really so much to ask, especially since you're telling us the ONLY way to watch this is from a phone.
Cristobal 5
First month is FREE! Watch and record live TV. Available in select U.S cities. * *YouTube is currently available to residents of the following areas: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area. For more info, Please see tv YouTuve. Com Stream from major broadcast and cable channels ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, The CW, ESPN, Your local sports channels & more * take your TV with you Watch recorded and on- demand TV anywhere you go in the U.S *Simultaneously record live sports, movies &TV episodes without DVR storage limits Each recording will be *share up to 6 YouTube TV accounts with your household for the price of 1 membership *Stream on all your screens phone, tablet, computer, laptop and TV with Google Chromecast. $35/month Get your first month free No commitment, cancel anytime Watch it Choose the live your want to stream and how it, whether on your mobile phone Plus, make YouTube with optional premium network like SHOWTIME, available for keep Share your Youwith having to password That means 6 members Sports fan? You won't miss a moment of breaking news Watch Entertainment News Sports and premium network like Fox Soccer Plus are also Language And Telemundo News CNBC, FOX, Business, Fox News, MSNBC KIDS Disney Channels, Junior, Disney XD, Sprout "...Navigating between saved content and live feels super the other!!!!!! There is serious support for anything above a set of device including limiting services to the customers aways because have done to improve so many ground play and app need work and more honest advertising Opening of the best tv And whoever said $35 is to much device look at it for the number and the record
Mar 5
It's one of the best tv apps. And whoever said $35 is too much, is either cheap, don't know a good deal, or is below broke. It's kinda like cable service that you can share with up to 5 people, and stream on any device for only $35 a month. How is that not with it? If you look at it like $35 a month for an app, it might seem kinda high. But look at it for what it is (streamable and shareable basic cable service), then you'll see it's a deal. And good deal, well worth it.
Service and app need work and more honest advertising. Opening the app on my phone requiring location service then pressing cast is not a "remote". Showing unskippable commercials ad nauseum is not a "DVR". The entire Chromecasting experience is not intuitive. Confusing to see multiple live channels as you scroll . Too easy to stop the stream by accident. Needs Roku support and more traditional remote functionality. Needs background playback when not casting. And needs more channels competitors have like CNN. I will probably switch back to SlingTV.
Jeffrey 3
For the number and selection of channels offered, this is a marvelous value, especially if you are considering cutting the cord with your cable company. Nearly all of the channels I want are included in the bundle. That is awesome! But I have to take a couple stars away because Google launched this service without providing a version of the Youtube TV app for Google's own platform, Android TV. Yes, I can Cast from the Youtube TV app on my Android phone or tablet to my Nvidia Shield TV box. But I have to pick up a remote to control the TV and the box, so I want to use that same remote to control a Youtube TV app running on the set-top box. But no. Right now Google forces me to use a remote AND a phone. Google, you need to make this a simple process. Don't make your subscribers juggle a remote control and a phone just to watch TV. The cable companies have been doing this part right for decades. Catch up. Now. And while you're at it, please add a decent program guide. This is another area where Youtube TV is left in the dust by the cable companies.
Kenneth 1
In NY and attempted to log into my account YouTube wanted me to sign up on another account. Original log in was LA. What happened to signing in anywhere? Only able to view from pixel XL. Need more options. More apps on platforms. Need ability to cast to anything, not just Chromecast. Cost isn't necessarily cheaper if you include 300mbs @ 80.00/mo cable can do all for 120/mo price it
micah 5
Great initial release. I'm mainly using this for sports (hockey & fútbol) and having ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC is working great. My go to sport is fútbol. The coverage is good. I'm an MLS fan so I'm hoping they could make a deal with MLS Live in the future to boost the games I can watch. For me that's my one draw back. Month old TV shows still have ads. I could see live streams and even weeks old streams having ads, but after a couple months there shouldn't be ads IMO.
Paul 4
I got rid of my satellite TV because this had live news channels. I really like the setup and the DVR functions. Up to six profiles in one account is awesome too. What doesn't make this 5⭐ is the lack of Android TV support. Chromecast doesn't always work every time. Great start!
Adrian 2
I personally dont see any difference between cable live and streaming live in terms of ads but the fact that is ASKING FOR LOCATION TO BE ON ANNOYS ME. It kills battery like crazy the other services do not ask for location to be on in order to function properly. COME ON GOOGLE FIX IT!! UPDATE: TOO MANY COMERCIALS IF YOU PAUSE OR YOU GO BACK FROM AN ON DEMAND TV SHOW COMERCIALS SHOW. THIS IS SO NOT GOOD
Paulo 2
For such a high ticket value, the least we could have would be less ads. On top of that, they repeat non-stop. If you move the playhead around, you get more ads, even if you just saw 4 of them. That not to mention that the volume is not normalized, which means it BLOWS the volume up for some ads and that's a total deal breaker when you are watching at night. Google got TV and made it worse. For the experience they are offering I would pay $9.99.

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