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By Gram Games Limited Category Puzzle #9

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Welcome to the world of Merge Farm!, Gram Games' new farming and merging game!

Welcome to the world of Merge Farm! the newest farming and merge game from Gram Games.

Merge Farm! isn’t your average farming game. Use merging mechanics to achieve your task to grow your farm, and harvest delicious fruits and veggies.

Plant tons of crops across your farm and merge those crops to grow bigger plants that produce more fruit and veggies! Take your massive harvest and sell them to grow your farm even further! What are you waiting for, let’s start merging your farm!

Merge Farm! Features:

Plant & Merge Crops:
• Plant crops of varying types on your field, as they become available.
• Merge similar crops, and they will grow or upgrade, providing a larger harvest.
• The bigger your plants, the more fruit and vegetables they will produce.

Manage Your Farm
• Farming is endless, which means you’ll need to manage your farm daily.
• Choose where to plant crops, place animals, and more.
• Decorate by placing garden gnomes, tractors and more around the farm.

Harvest Like a Farmer
• As all good farmers know, it takes time for crops to produce delicious fruit.
• You can harvest crops whenever, but keep an eye out for the orders from your traveling merchant at the top of the screen.
• Fill those orders to make money, buy more crops and grow your farm.

Think you can merge and harvest crops to build up your farm? Keep merging your crops to discover new forms and upgrades, and see how great your farm can grow.

Download Merge Farm! today and start farming!

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Latest Ratings

Amanda 3
Way better than merge Town, but not as good as merge dragons. Way too many pop up ads though.
Clueless 1
There is no way to restore purchases. I spent $4.99 on the starter pack which removed ads, and gave 2x seeds. I had to reset my phone shortly after for unrelated reasons, started the game again, and well, there are ads, and I don't get 2x seeds. I'll edit this review if this situation is rectified. Until then, one star as I feel that I was robbed.
Minecraft 1
I love merged and merge town. To me This game was a huge let down fue to controls
Tammy 1
This is an extremely boring game. I was extremely disappointed because it shows to be fun but it ended up being extremely very boring. I almost fell asleep playing the game
Cheesy 4
Great game and every thing but 1 problem. You should add plant disposal for things you don't want.
The game caught my interest enough to put money into it, but one thing I don't get it the daily challenges. The coins that you earn are FAR lower than how much you paid to make those items. What is the benefit? It's not listed anywhere.
robbo990 4
Good game needs a power saver mode chews the battery very quickly
I got this game on my iPad and it was really fun but when I downloaded it onto my phone it kept crashing and would not let me play it.
Lewis 2
Good game but seems to be buggy quite a bit it freezes all the time and stops working when trying to harvest things
Sahara 3
It's okay. I hate it when there is a waiting period. Takes forever
George 5
Hi nice relaxing game. Do you have plans for a cloud save?


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