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Ragnarok Mobile RO:Idle Poring - Android Gameplay

Description & Details

RO: Idle Poring is Official Gravity Licensed Ragnarok Original Idle Mobile Game

RO: Idle Poring is an Official Gravity Licensed Ragnarok Original Idle Mobile Game. Reinventing the classic Ragnarok Classes, with over 100 different skills. Intuitive gameplay and amazing challenges! 24/7 non-stop level up system. Play it your way! All day, all night!

Official Release! Classic RO World!
Gravity: Ragnarok Online Licensed Game
RO: Idle Poring brings back the all the classics of Ragnarok Online! Experience the nostalgia of Ragnarok’s original soundtrack, world design, cards, class and rebirth system! Discover the new and exclusive RO: Idle Poring, Pet Exploration gameplay! Everything you love about Ragnarok with a modern touch! This is RO: Idle Poring!

Auto Battle! Level UP 24/7 Non-Stop!
RO: Idle Poring gives you more freedom with the 24/7 Non-Stop Auto Battle System! Even when you are off-line, the battle continues! Play when you want! Play how you want!

Combat Pets! Epic Fights!
Pets will follow you into the Adventure! Take up to 6 pets with you and send over 20 Pets to their own Expeditions! Pets will find Gears and Items in their explorations! Level UP your Pets manually and master the Pet Type mechanics to help your little friends to defeat their enemies and claim various Rewards.

Global Server! Worldwide Launch!
RO: Idle Poring has only one Global Server! Gather with players from all over the world and unveil the mysteries of Rune Midgard! No complications, no server restrictions! Make new friends! Fight new foes! Conquer the Ragnarok World!

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Ramadhan 2
I enjoyed the first 2 days, i love ragnarok online world so much. Because ive spent my whole childhood on that game, i mesmerized by the content, graphic, and music. But coming into the 3rd day, it all becoming dull, no im not expecting the content as it is an idle game, but the gameplay does kill the game. We need honor to unlock skills, to gain honor f2p gamers need to do pvp, in pvp all the people raises the same attributes! And no way around to counter measure it. Lol. Good bye
PokeMMO 4
I have to admit this is a cool little idle rpg. Whats with the chat though, it always says trying to connect, why is that section even there? No matter which channel I put the chat on its the same thing. I dunno, I kinda like this game only because I get to allocate the level up stats and upgrade the gears so i feel a bit involved... ... not much customization without paying real money though so not a full star review for this game.
Myrra 5
The game is pay to win(to tell you the truth). But if you are free 2 play player absolutely it will take time and they put some limitation for free gamer, but actually it is a fun and cute game a good game to try. And actually I already spent money here so I am a VIP user. Good game to invest.
Edward 5
I love the game. It has most of the aspects of the original without the "having to move around manually". Perfect for people who don't have time to play rpgs but still want the "leveling up" experience. There are people who pay to get more daily bonuses but I've made characters with and without those boosts and you can still advance quickly if you know what to do and what to save. All in all, worth downloading IMO.
Lisa 5
I love it especially how I haven't played RO for years. It's very simple and does not consume a lot of time to play. However it lack of items and varieties of things. This game doesn't feels like the old RO but more or less just the concept of it. Not bad honestly! I just wish they would think of more interesting stuff to add inside. It's gets tiring unless you're very addicted.
Greg 5
My time playing games, this one is worth it. Idle games can at times make you feel like they have no purpose in my life. This one is different. I can relax enjoy the graphics and Colorful​ scheme the music is nice. Lag is not showing to be an issue so this is also a plus. The content is not hard on gamers who have not much money to place into a game. This is a nice game. No more can be said so far.
Mokie 1
I was trying to hit the free one daily spin button for a pet and missed it with my finger and hit 880 gem purchase right below it. It instantly took all my hard work (I never used any gems) without confirmation. I was so disheartened so I uninstalled. I doubt I'll get a response or the gems back. I'm glad I didn't pay SVIP last night in case something like this happened.
Eduardo 5
Nostalgic rush and fun way to remember the good ole days of Ragnaroking ... hahaha. Really enjoayble gameplay, and all the aspects of the original game were adapted for those who doesn't have enough time to play mmorps like the old days! Fine work indeed, ladies and gents! Cheers!
Justin 1
Played for a couple days, it was a pretty good game so it won't work. Just loads up, claims I've signed in, I choose my character, press start, when it hits 100% loading it crashes and my phone gives a notification that the app won't work. I even re-installed but to no avail. There goes 3 days of my life I'll never get back
Kim 1
Haven't been able to log in for 5 days and customer service just left me on read. You guys give the WORST updates i have ever seen. Fixes take so long to make. There always seems to be a problem/new bug every update
Sean 5
I'm loving the game so far. I've been playing for about 3 days now so not to long to hit the huge grind to level up, however I'm sure it'll just be as fun then as it is now. The art style is great, very cute style and easy on the eyes so I don't mind looking at it for long. The UI and controls are very very easy to understand and get a hold of quickly. The combat is a bit dull however. I do know it is an idle game so the PvE aspect of combat is fine. For Boss fights and MvP I think you should be able to cast your abilities on yourself. The PvP is perfect with having to rearrange your skills, it adds a bit of strategy to it which I like. Experiencing some server issues in the last few hours, but hopefully things get fixed soon. Over all great game giving it five starts for the over all experience.

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