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Search the city to solve the strange mystery of a missing celebrity!

A famous actress goes on a simple errand to pick up a new pet, and she never returns. When her trusty personal assistant turns up dead in the park, the case gets stranger and stranger. Detective Kate Gray must search the city high and low to find her. Investigate a movie set, a celebrity mansion, a creepy warehouse, the city park, and more! Meet a curious cast of characters along the way, including an eccentric hip hop singer and his pet tiger, an angry yoga instructor, the town drunk, and a wildlife smuggler.

Join millions of happy Adventure Escape players and see if you can solve this Starstruck mystery!

- Beautiful graphics bring the city to life!
- Explore a wide variety of locations, from a movie set to a city park to a celebrity mansion!
- Solve devious puzzles and riddles!
- Get the whole game for FREE! You’re never forced to pay!
- Gather tools and items to aid in your search!
- Memorable characters!
- Find hidden objects that help you solve the case!
- It’s free! No registration, no hassles, just download and play.

Unravel the mystery of Adventure Escape: Starstruck! Will you find the movie star before she’s struck down forever?

We are a small indie game studio that loves making games. Our Adventure Escape™ series has been played by tens of millions of players. Solve murders in Framed for Murder, investigate paranormal phenomenon in Midnight Carnival, and travel through time in Time Library. Search for “haiku games” to find us!


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Latest Ratings

String 2
I played most of Haiku's games which are very good. This one...was the opposite. The puzzle hints make absolutely no sense. Just random numbers here and there give you combinations for lockers and stuff, come on...for example, how can the boat speed give you the frequency of the police station? Yes, it's a game, but still
Valerie 1
I actuallyl loved the game I hated you not let me play it just because I denied you knowing my age range and language actually! I am English but don't see what my age as To do with playing games also denied you. sharing my profile and other things I don't see what they have To do with me playing your games either my profile is private so why won't you let me play the game. So again I am uninstalling a game because people are just too nosy.!
Jackie 4
Love all your games but would be nice to know it only saves at each chapter. Some puzzle hints are too vague and some English translation is wrong, like calling eyeshadow purple when it is blue. Great game overall. Thank you.
iloveshoes 4
Another good game from Haiku. Still free unless you need hints. At times you need outside the box thinking and it was a little tricky at times but overall it was a good game, crazy story but fun! Don't forget you have to complete a whole chapter as it doesn't save in between so you'd have to start the chapter again.
I played and totally loved all your games but i think this one has a problem. I just finished the fourth chapter when it suddenly stopped. Whenever I tried and open it again it starts to the fourth chapter again. I don't know if it really just ended there or it really has a problem. Pls help. Thanks.
Selma 5
Like every other Haiku game, it is amazing, you sometimes need to thini a little bit harder to pass some levels, but all in all, it is a great game.
Mahitha 5
Its an awesome game from haiku. Comparing to the other adventure escapes this game is a bit easy. I enjoyed playing it. And I'm waiting for more games from haiku
asia 5
I love Haiku Games.They are so challenging, entertaining and fun. There is ONE problem in it the hints are way too expensive
Daphenie 4
Not as great as the others. Several puzzles were vague. But, still good
Tehsin 5
I love this game so much! I'm always hyped up for your games! Keep 'em coming!
Kate 5
Absolutely brilliant! It's nice and challenging and keeps u thinking on the puzzles! So much better than the usual hidden object games. I loved the storyline and the different types of puzzles to pass the levels. Can't wait to try the rest of these games!

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