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Fight your way to become the ultimate gladiator in this epic new turn-based RPG.

Fight through five Chapters of constantly changing, randomly generated gladiators.

Buy, equip and use items as you compete to become the ultimate warrior.

Strategy is key to success in this mix of rogue-like and turn-based RPG mix.

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Ri8pxTid9e 5
I think this game is very well made. Could use some improvements on certain things such as added difficulty levels more weapons and armor. Quest or more cities would be cool. Player-vs-player would be cool. More storyline. But those are small things. Would love a graphic update. I beat the game with my rogue I'm on day 178. I think you should also be able to upgrade your helmets and necklaces and ring. But overall this is a fantastic game I hope it continues to grow. Also bombs are given out too much.
ItsYaBoy 5
I absolutely love this game. I searched a long time for a rogue like game and I finally found this. The concept is unique, the developers are doing a great job implementing more storyline and levels. This game has potential. What I would like to see ingame are more spells and skills(balance the rogue stamina please), each bool by its type, more enchanted items(A blacksmith or mage would be great), quests and eventually more classes! So far so good, keep up the good work!
Classical 4
The game is great though it's not perfect. Definitely it's amazing from the gameplay perspective. It really reminds me of the Swords and Sandals, but it has it's own unique identity and if the full game is as good as the demo I would argue that it's even better than that. The lines and references are really funny though some of them were kinda awkward. Overall the game is amazing and I am sure that when the full version comes with more gear and items it would be perfect in my eyes.
Chris 4
Fun game but not as much depth as I was hoping. Once you beat the final gladiator boss, there just isn't much more to do. I've beaten it with all three classes, and each was an interesting challenge, but overall the gameplay is still limited. A very fun game that I hope keeps developing into a deeper experience over time. Maybe adding quests and objectives that cross between lives, more levels, more cities to conquer in the ring, etc. :-)
victor 5
Love this game, but can you make the book spell to generate others spell than the one that we already have? Or maybe you can make spell to have their own level so we don't waste spell book... And can you make the shop to random all the stuff they sell? I found that my shop rarely changes Thanks
Steve 5
Amazing game so far! My only real issue with this game is the fact that you can seemingly never sell to the magic shop even though certain items can only be sold to him. I have to spam the sell button just to get it to work and sometimes I'll do it for minutes to no avail.
what 5
I enjoy medieval games and this reminds me of a game I used to play when I was younger, probably 3 to 4 years back. This is a fun turn-based gladiator game like one I used to play. Add more classes, like an Archer or barbarian, a stun based class, blacksmith to repair armors and weapons, and allow 3 characters instead of 1.
Kou 5
The game is overall 5 stars for me, I would just like to report that the forget button in the skills doesn't work. Also you should probably add a shop where you need to pay in order to replenish each shop because I don't really know where to spend the extra gold that I earned.
Mark 2
I spend more time waiting for experience gains than I do actually fighting. Can't forget abilities even though it gives me the option to, says i increase my learning of abilities if i double up on them, no difference is noticeable. Shops do not upvrade after you achieve your freedom, there are 6 slots in shop keepers, they never go beyond 3 slots.
Kenneth 5
Man I love this game. Thank you very much! Its more than addictive and challenging. Please add more levels or enemies, more items and skillsets. And also please increase the damage of skills or the features of the Mage's items. I also found one bug on the enemy before the boss on stage III, it keeps on hanging on my screen :( please fix it. You guys deserve more than a 5 star rating :) The best pixel game here in playstore
Jamie 4
Good game, but having spent ages fighting and building up your character only to lose it all because of hunger really sucks. There needs to be some warning when you are close to starving. I forgot to feed him and lost everything! Had loads of food, was just enjoying the combat so much i forgot. There needs to be a warning or reminder. Other than that, really good game.

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