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*PLAY NOW*Collect and battle with ultimate monster fighting!

Poke Monster is the new adventure strategy RPG! Gotta catch'em all! Collect all monster and complete your Monster Dex! Take part in the most exciting adventure to beat all monster and catch them to be trained. Take them to your bag and challenge all Gym to get badge and prove you are the best Trainers over thetrainer in the world.

Collect, evolve, and train your monsters to earn victory as monster trainer in battle!Collect, evolve and battle the monster fighting and train them to victory as Monster Trainers! Use many kind of monsters you have collected in your monster dex. Take them Collect new monsters and complete your monster dex that you can use in action. Take all monster with you on an exciting quest as you battle to prove that you are a Legendary legendary trainers.

Make your monsters stronger by evolving them! Each monster have their own unique traits, so make sure to collect and train them all. So, will you accept this challenge and be the best trainer?Evolve your monster tome make them stronger! Each monster are impressive and unique to collect and train, while me are just a bit peculiar. This is a challenge, will you be the next Monster Trainers?

With over a than hundreds of monsters, collecting and battling, Poke Monster is the best game of for Monster Trainers!

*Poke Monster Features*

Train your Monsters
Catch and train your monster to become stronger monstersmake them stronger! Raise your monsters’ level and evolve them to boost their power. You can also and fuse your monsters together to create summona Legendary Monsterthe Legendary ones. Catch and collect over 300+ of monster through an exciting adventures. There are a lot of kind of monsters that a trainer can choose. Complete the monster dex and be the best!

*Gym Battle*
It doesn’t matter how weak your monster is, as the key to win is about battle strategythe strategy used in battle. Attack or Defend? The choice is in trainer’s hands. Know the weaknesses/strengths of your monster and the enemy to win all battles! Knowledge about your monster and the enemy also important to know the weakness spot.

To prove that you are the best trainers, we are using badge system is here. Prove it with challenge all Gym to get the badges. Badges will show your worth as a trainer who can conquer Gymsrepresent you are worthy to have it after beat the Gym and became the best. To For more challengeget more challenge, PVP system is built to show and test your monster capability as a trainer among all trainers over in the world.

Start your journey with a unique storylines, you can feel how it is to be a real trainer and feel how to become the real trainers. Once you’ve start the adventure, trainers you will face a different terainmany kind of terrains and a meet lot various variation of monsters. It is also important to choose wisely the monsters that you will bring in your journey.Monster that you bring into adventure also important to choose. Choose them wisely!

*Hunting Ground*
Join the hunting event to have a chance getget the chance to catch strongest monstersstrong monsters or legendary monsters. If you can survive, you could can catch them as you want using monster ball. There are a lot of hunting levels for hunters to choose. to make trainers easily get the monsters.

*Features and Events*
Daily events and new adventure are waiting for you with massive rewards! New challenges, new monsters are able to claim available for you every day.

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Younger 2
Quite awesome, but had a problem with login into server, it is been too wasted my time to waiting the loading game. It's happened since i tried to play on other server. Decided to uninstall this game because that. That's was too annoyed. Suck
Haikal 4
Gameplay yg oke, tinggal perbagus lagi graphic saat battle. Tapi sejak kemaren kenapa ya saya stuck terus di loading awal? padahal loading bar nya penuh dan koneksi juga ga masalah
angga 1
Help..akun ane knpa g bs msuk server 1 fire? Pdhl dr statusny fine..trs ane msuk ke server lain koq malah reset dari ulang sih? Pdhl ad diamond yg udh dibeli dan pokemon epic yg udh ane kumpulin ilang smua..tolong bantuannya min
Bobby 2
Log in nya susah .. Sering trjd DC pas main pdhal internet bgus 4g dan main game lain okey2 aja Game nya overall bgus cma yah itu aja mslah nya Dan skrng stuck di login pas pemilihan server Mgkn akn ku uninstall nii
Archi 5
Hari ini tgl 23 juni. Mau login ke game nggak bisa. Tulisan "data required" muncul terus. Tiap hari kok error terus ya?
Septian 3
So hard to evolve pokemon, so much item needed which is need some energy to gather it. But with other things, fine with me I really enjoy Thanks :)
Durian 1
I feel this games is very2 boring and it is very difficult to login. My internet connection has no problem. The pikachu is very2 ugliest.
trilzzz 4
Gamenya seru, game ini menantang Akan tetapi masih banyak halangan. Meskipun ini adalah game copy dari Strength Elves Dan juga pokemon, mestinya ini bisa di upgrade lebih bagus secara gameplay Dan juga events. Overall Gamenya seru Akan tetapi masih perlu banyak perbaikan seperti kesulitan log in Dan juga kemudahan menagkap monster2 yang rare, epic Dan juga legendary
CriPlaysGaming 5
Tolong buat monster gambar nya Ada Shading Nya dan Pikachu Nya Lucu! Keep up the good work Tapi buat Karakter nya lain dan original karena Dokter nya muka masih muda tapi dia kata dia suda tua, Terima kasih
Efen 4
Great. But they will be really cool if there are a real pokemon character. Though have some copyright matter. So far so good.
Hermawan 3
Untuk chat msh menggunakan titik Bkan spasi, untuk gambar poke knp mesti diubah dan bkan versi lama? Bintang 3 aja

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