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TOP DRIVES - Android IOS Gameplay

Description & Details

Competitive Card Racing

Think you know your cars? It’s time to put your knowledge to the test in Top Drives - the only automotive card collection game on the Google Play Store.

BUILD THE PERFECT RACING DECK from over 700 officially licensed cars.

UNLEASH YOUR CARS on 100s of racing challenges with our all-new Card Racing System.

COMPETE FOR EXCLUSIVE CARS in live multiplayer events.

Why is Top Drives the ultimate mobile experience for every car enthusiast?
- Marques such as McLaren, Bugatti, Pagani, Ford, Mercedes and many more.
- Car stats sourced from Evo Magazine making this the ultimate bench racing tool.
- Manage and upgrade your cars - tune them how you want.
- Race scenarios include drag strips, race circuits & hill climbs.
- Weather effects and multiple surface types.
- Stunning car photography from one of the world’s top car magazines.
- Addictive racing strategy gameplay.

Top Drives is free to play but offers some optional in-game items that can be purchased for real money. Top Drives is an online game and requires a persistent internet connection to play.

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awe88some 5
Such a simple and fun game. I find it to be amazing! However I would like a bit more attention to detail. Mainly because, the cars themselves when racing don't actually resemble the real ones. For example, the Ford Escort RS Turbo is clearly not a hatchback but when racing it appears as one. It's not really a big thing but it would make the game look much better. Lastly you should add Saab's and just more cars for each individual company.
Nabil 5
This game is for every petrol head in the world. It doesn't have any silly super power or nitrous or anything un-real. It really is a proper game for a petrol head. And the game is absolutely addicting and just very entertaining to play. My only problem is there's not enough brand on the game. Where's Toyota, Koenigsegg, Ferrari, Porsche etc. Other than that, it's an epic game. Keep up the good work guys
Eusebiu 5
This game is not for racing enthusiasts but car enthusiast. The game is not made for you to race over a racetrack but to chose the right car to compete with another on the same track. The game has different racing modes like drag, or circuit race. Upgrade your cars ,open packs and complete campaigns. Collect the most memorable and exotic cars ever made. If you are reading this and haven't downloaded the game yet, what are you waiting for? Join and compete with us.
Nihal 5
It's a great game. Super-addicting! But for some reason I can't launch the game anymore. After I switched one of the cars in my hand for another one, the game just stopped responding, and when I tried to re-open it, it just sits at the Evo/hutch screen for what seems like forever. Please look into it, as I really do love this game, and I need more of it in my life!
Nos 5
One of the best racing games I ever played. It's a great concept. Graphics and gameplay is really good. But there are some issues with this game. Rare cars are too rare and common cars are given too much. There are not much way to get rare car. I can't finish Monaco because I don't have any fast car and I'm stuck. Make the rare cars less rare or make more way to get rare cars and then the game will be perfect. Still It's an enjoyable game.
Kar 5
An amazing idea displayed perfectly for the young age and every time i turn on my phone i just want to play more. I would like if you could make a way to make a car factory that the cars you built were in your garage and maybe the factory has some slots which is why it could be expensive
This game is just perfect! It's not Pay-To-Win like Hutch Games' other games are. I don't have any complaints! Don't change anything of the game, please. It's perfect just as it is. First when I saw that this game was made by Hutch Games I wasn't too optimistic about it. You overdid yourself Hutch Games! I don't want to make this review any longer because I want to keep playing. Just download it and enjoy!
David 4
Great game. Loads of cars. I'm a few days in and haven't hit the pay wall. It's coming though! If you're into your supercars you probably aren't going to get there for free but it's fun playing with the muscles and classics anyway. Oh and please get rid of the always online. I have rubbish 4g!
Brian 5
Wonderfully simple fun, it is something you can just sit down and play anywhere. At home, waiting for an appointment, etc. just pick up and play. The only problem I have experienced is that when I click on the button to watch the ads for free gold all I get is a black screen that forces me to exit the game.
Zachary 5
The best racing game on Android! This out-classes even Need for Speed or Fast & Furious! Definitely going to sink a bunch of time on here. No need for gas or brake controls, it's automatically done for you. Great graphics, great gameplay, 10/10 if you love racing games, or if you love collecting cars!
No 3
Its a card collecting game with a lack luster mini game. It definitely feels more like some sort of card battling game then it does a racing sim. Where the game really fails is in the graphics department. The lack of detail is just inexcusable. I didn't like this game at all but my five year old son does so its getting 3 stars.


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