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Blocky Castle | Android Gameplay

Description & Details

What happens when lots of lively pets start to climb tower castles?

What happens when lots of lively pets start to climb and conquer the most dangerous tower castles of the world? Find it out yourself!

Pick your favorite competitor and overcome the tricky, but pretty hazardous obstacles while climbing up to the top of each tower. Sharp spikes, rolling barrels, heavy rocks, falling platforms, fire traps and jumping bombs among other meanies are waiting for your arrival to wickedly push you back into the abyss. But you should fear not, awareness of the surroundings and fine timing will get you through even the hardest situations!

Take the challenge head on!

* Lighthearted colorful visuals
* Tons of hilarious characters
* Simple and intuitive controls
* Smooth and addictive gameplay
* Full retina display support
* Google Play support

* Swipe left or right to jump onto the next platform
* Swipe up to use a switch, enter a door, climb a ladder or jump high
* Swipe down to climb or drop down from a ladder

* Every obstacle represents a different threat, be sure to learn the patterns
* Don't rush it, pace your actions to avoid unnecessary mistakes
* Jump forward if a barrel or rock is coming at you
* Coins are always awarded, even if you fail to complete a level
* Be aware of all the obstacles visible on screen, not just the next one

Please rate Blocky Castle and submit your feedback for further improvements!

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Latest Ratings

allison 1
All I get is "Unfortunately Blocky Castle has stopped working" then it crashes and sometimes freezes my tablet. Tried reinstalling as well as opening with and without WiFi but still does the same thing. Pity, it looked like it might have been a fun game. Uninstalled permanently now.
Cynthia 4
I like the game! But I do have a request. Can you please make an endless mode please? And also, when you fall and labd on a grass, just let me start from there instead of dying. If you do that I will rate it 5 stars
Old-school platformer with 3D visuals that are a bit scruffy around the edges, but still pretty. Gameplay is all about timing and hazard awareness. Interesting, well-graded level designs. Plays well enough, and doesn't bully you to spend money! Well worth a go for the zero price tag. Negatives: 1. The "play me" notifications are rude and annoying. 2. The imprecision of the swipe controls trips me up occasionally. Also, 50-100 swipes per level is quite a lot. 3. The sideways moving platforms give me vertigo! Moto G5 plus.
Shawna 3
The controls suck it some times either does the opposite or dont do what you did. Plus it doesnt tell you how to play against the new things coming at you. Also the time ahould stop once you go through the door way to thw exit because the Canon shoot is just extra. Besides all that not to bad of a game.
Lilly 4
Have no problem with swipe in all levels but it seems all the stages in Haunted Desert lag pretty bad except for a 2 in the ones I habe played. Can you please check into this. Other than that the game is simply awesome. Wish there were more out there.
paul 3
Really quite good game in nearly all areas! There is one point that really let's it down is that you can choose from over 100 characters to play the game and each cost £0.79 which might not seem much but if you should want all the characters it will cost a lot and although you can unlock characters with coins got from playing it take quite a while.
Vivek 5
I dont like it when the animal reset to the most recently unlocked one. I have kept my selection at "random" and would love to not change that everytime i unlock a new character. Please do something about it.
David 5
This game has been great for me but now I've completed it I'm lost it was my favourite so please hurry up design team an make blocky castle 2
josefina 5
This game is the best game in the history of games because it is fun and simple.You all should try the game.!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!☺😊😀😁😇😗😙😘😚😻👀👄👅💋💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💝💞💟👍👌✊✌✋👊👈👉👋👏👐👐👐
Silver 1
If the game wont work then how are we supposed to play and rate it? I was so excited for this game and now it keeps crashing
Boring, doesnt work, goes the wrong way, switches of and show a video every time I click the app

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