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The Earth is gone. Find a new home for the last survivors of the human race.

An AI ship full of frozen colonists must find the best planet to be the new home of the human race. A randomly-generated text-based strategy game.

Push your luck: do you settle here, on this not-quite-ideal planet, or keep searching and risk your ship being damaged in the journey? The planets you encounter are randomly generated, and as you travel you encounter random events, so each playthrough is different. See the stories of the colonies you found, and keep trying for a higher score.

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jayar 5
Absolutely loved it! This kind of game really are exactly for my taste. I enjoyed it very much and it is so exciting to see different planets 😁 But one thing, the moment I found my planet I am kind of down because I really love the game but it ended there. I hope you will let us experience the life on that specific planet and be able to witness the establishment of our new civilization. I also hope there are different events on that planet like eruption, earthquakes, or animal rampaging, something like that. And the moment we lose is when we dont have any colonist any more. This game has great potential I hope you take and consider my suggestions. Well anyways, thanks for the wonderful game and I will be waiting for the further development of the game.
tallvisit 5
I rarely review phone apps, but felt the need to review this one. It is fantastic, it requires no payments (at the time of typing this), no advertisements, it has a decent amount of content that will keep you coming back for more, and it feels like it never screws you over unless you deserve it! This game will make you feel a small sense of fulfillment once you make the right choices! I hope the developer makes more like this one!
Rahul 3
Good game but very small gameplay!!! One can fisnish the game within a minute if he wants to... There are many things which can be added in future updates like colonization.. Create a new world.. Interacting with other species.... E.t.c
Rai 4
Great idea, but not much content (though the existing contend is great). Letting the player manage the new colony would add a lot. Like how to use the knowledge, interactions with civilizations, wildlife, structures. New options with new tech level? Anyway, lot's of room to expand on ;).
Adam 5
A very unique game. It tells a very rich and deep story in an very short amount if time. Then only thing in would add would be more endings, situations, scenarios and the like in further updates
Dave 5
Brilliant. Seedship is a short, text based game which has tremendous Replay value and features more gut-wrenching life-or-death decisions than any triple-A game I've played in years. Download it now.
Bethany 5
Wish my past missions would show me a breakdown of my stats so I could try different things when I forget lol but this is a great wee game! Especially love all the different social structures
Theo 5
I'm blown away by how much fun I'm having with this short game- I can't wait for it to grow and change in the future. I'm sure it could benefit from UI improvements, and perhaps simple graphics. I think it would really tie the game together. Two things I think should definitely be added in the future are an online leaderboard and perhaps a way to view all the different endings you've gotten (seperate from the previous mission board, of course)
Krinse501st 5
This is absolutely brilliant. For game with infinity replay value and being a text based game that actually make your decisions mean something is beautiful. I only ask that in the future sounds please be implemented. Even a simple ambience would do the trick. Then again who am I to give ideas for such a amazing game.Again great game man can't wait to see what's in store for the future 👍👍👍
Will 5
As others have said, great replay opportunity for a short game. I'm having a ball naming the planets, and trying to get that perfect mix of planetary features and resources to bump your score is fun and challenging. There seem to be lots of final combinations that really make each world unique.
Flesh 5
A great little plaintext game, wildly different outcomes every time. Takes about as long as your typical toilet sitting so just perfect for that scenario. Only 1mb!

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