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Space Frontier Best HD (Android / IOS) Gameplay - by Ketchapp

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Blast off for the stratosphere with this addictive physics rocket game!

Blast off for the stratosphere with Space frontier, the addictive physics rocket game that your friends will want to play, but they can’t! It’s your phone, mate.

Your mission is to launch your rocket as high into orbit as possible. Simple touches control when you release each stage in your rocket. Earn in-game currency from successful launches and spend it to acquire new parts and styles.

Easy to play but hard to master gameplay means you’ll be coming back again and again for one more boost.

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Kevin 1
This game was just fine before some random update. Graphics now suck, and you have to PAY to have more launches. Before this update, they were unlimited. They took a perfectly fine, fun time waster and destroyed it. This game lost its fun, and I lost all my progress. Thanks. Jerks.
Jim 3
Edit: had to downgrade my original review, not a fan of the update. rocket is too small to reach new resonating and upgrades too expensive because of advances in original. The clock making you wait isn't very good either, what's the point? Addicting as hell. Great time waster
Jason 3
Edit: this game is still great. It's my most played. However after the recent update, you can watch videos to get money, except it doesn't work. I'm at the point where each video is with 90k, but I watch the video and it doesn't pay out. That really pisses me off. I paid for the ad free version so I could watch ads only to get extra coin if I so chose, and now it doesn't even pay me for the 30 seconds of terrible ads. I have downgraded my rating accordingly.
Maffy 4
The Europa update is okay but like a lot of people, I thought I had lost my progress when it was on the other planet. The gameplay is okay but hitting those 'perfect' boosts definitely seems like luck or I'm not able to time the window right. It must be small though, right? Anyway, great game but in the next update, please try to avoid making us think we've lost our progress. Also, could Cloud Saving please be looked into? With the amount of ads this game pops up, I'm confident you can afford it. :P :P To me, Cloud Saves would earn you that fifth star! Keep up the great work, one of my most played games even if I was mad because the update shocked me at first because as I said, it seemed my progress was gone.
Malc 4
Is there anybody there!!!! What I have noticed is that whilst there's a lot of comments about this game ,there is no response from the developers at all !!!hmm are they even listening,everybody is saying the same thing about new planets and achievements required and there right ,and when does Elon bloody arrive!!!!!!....... Ok ,been playing the game a few weeks now and suddenly it got more interesting,you now launch from mars to Jupiter with much bigger rockets ,tho you need to build it up ,you need to wait an hour before you can launch ,bit of a pisser ,I'll see what that does to my patience
Simon 1
The game is brilliant. Takes a simple idea and makes it so much fun. My problems come from the latest update. With the new update sometimes money doesn't save that you get from watching ads. The new launches take too long. This has been done to get people to watch ads or pay to get further. It's a bit too blatant for my tastes.
Konrad 1
Would be fun game if it wasn't full of ads. Latest update made it even worse and locks you out. You need to wait few hours before you can play again. I can see how devs wanted to make game more challenging but it ain't for me.
Kevin 4
The new delay clock is intensely annoying. I'd rather be able to continue playing even after failures. Please shorten it significantly, or remove it. Otherwise I love the game only wish I wasn't constantly delayed by that clock
Alexandros 3
Great new update!: faster, better controls and fun features. Yet 2 stars have to go away because some ads freeze the app entirely and it can be really unfair after you have watched ads to play the rullete. I had scored the 15k and went for the multiplier and then when the add finished it froze the game :/. Restarted and the same thing happened with the same ad (marcos)
Hamza 2
This game was a really nice time waster until the random update. They're some next things that u have to pay for now and u loose all progress. I have 3000 people and 120k but lost all that
Dillon 5
Addictive In the new update it now has a cool down time, so I literally have to wait 30 mins to play the game again right? Why not just make it 30 seconds. Also I wish on the next update of worlds that all of your progress doesn't get reset automatically, you should at least get an option to do so if you want.

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