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klocki - New Android Gameplay HD

Description & Details

"klocki" is a relaxing puzzle game.

"klocki" is my second puzzle game after successful "Hook".

Its a relaxing game, that is loaded with a lot of different features.

Your goal is to connect different types of lines together. Calming music and sounds were made by Wojciech Wasiak.

Thank you for playing and supporting me!

Maciej Targoni

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4.1 and up
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USK: All ages
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100000 - 500000
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Android Police

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phone Arena

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    Much like its predecessor HOOK, Klocki begins simply, a toe-dip into its pool of mechanics. Two tiles to move, two line segments to connect. From that foundation blossoms a clever puzzler that explore...

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Android and Me

Android and Me

Latest Ratings

Jonathan 5
Great game. No instructions, but that sort of gives it a certain charm. Some of the levels are quite challenging, but you gotta add like a hundred more at least. I finished the whole game in an hour or so. I'd love to play some more, but since I've already finished I feel like deleting it.
Umar 5
I saw my sister playing this on her ipad, and she was stuck on this level. I helped her, and i found it was such a great simple game. I came here on my samsung and bought it, because lets be honest, paid apps are better than free versions. Absolutely amazing game. Graphics ill rate 10/10. Music is relaxing. UI is simple and great. Overall 10/10 RECOMMENDED 💪💪
Alex 5
Very fun and challenging brain game. I'm sure the coding is very thought-out, but levels are quite limited. Even though the harder ones surely have to take a lot of time to design, the number is pretty limited. Please keep making levels.
Vibhav 5
The game that introduced me to the wonderful world of Rainbow Train's minimalistic puzzlers. Klocki does an excellent job at introducing the mechanics and the win conditions to the player one by one through gameplay rather than exposition. The calming music and the quality of puzzles in this game shall keep you engaged for hours at end. Most certainly worth a buy. P.S. I loved the way the last level has purposely not been created to be as challenging as the levels that precede it but to make tiny little hearts. Much love to you too, Rainbow Train. :)
Evan 4
As a puzzle game its very well designed with a good rate of introducing new concepts as well as a gradual difficulty curve so you're never felt suddenly thrown at the deepend. It also does this with no words whatsoever which is a testament to its excellent design. BUT the sliding squares severely slow down the gameplay and makes an otherwise engaging puzzle game extremely tedious. Being able to slide each square multiple nodes at once would vastly improve this. As it is though I get fed up/bored after 1-2 levels with these squares in them. Otherwise it really is an excellent game and would easily deserve a 5* rating.
Quang 5
This game is addictive. Once you play you can't stop. But I have one suggestion: please add "skip button". When players can't solve a level, they can skip it and go back when they find a solution.
Testy 3
Please fix the bug on the Samsung Galaxy S8 which causes odd looking disturbance in the more advanced levels where these rotatable circles are being implemented! Besides that it uses some quite interesting game mechanics and can even be really challenging at some levels.
Tyler 4
Great game, but way too short. I kept waiting for the puzzles to start getting difficult. The game kept introducing new concepts and because they were new, those levels were designed to be easy.
Florian 5
Finished it very quickly, but it was a fantastic game. Also it wasn't too challenging, which made me really enjoy it. Only thing I noticed is that the textures of the rotatable parts aren't rendered correctly.
Jim 5
The only complaint I have is that I solved all the puzzles in one session and now I'm left wanting more. Beautiful, intuitive, fun... just maybe a little short.
Royce 4
Interesting game. I went through it in less than a day. Wish there were more levels but some were quite the puzzle. Very enjoyable...


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