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Description & Details

Exciting gladiator fights are waiting for you!

Fight on the arena, earn fame, get famous. Exciting, bloody gladiator fights are waiting for you! Fight fairly 1 on 1 or try to defeat 10 fighters. 
Rest from the battles in the village, upgrade your skills, unlock new weapons and armor. 


1. Picturesque and battles
Due to well-designed animations and effects, battles look very cool, even on mobile devices! 

2. Battles with a few soldiers. 
Start your journey as a Gladiator against the same fighter as you. Win and get the title of the best warrior, fighting 10 enemies at a time! 

3. Boss battles 
Meet 1 on 1 with the best of the best! 

4. Stunning graphics 
Excellent picture, amazing light effects, change of weather and time conditions! 

5. Smart Artificial Intelligence. 
The enemies will try to surround and overwhelm you. If you hurt them, they will try to retreat, and their teammates to stick up for them. 

6. Open and living world 
In addition to battles you will see the area where the real life is, someone is sleeping, someone has a chat with somebody, where traders tout their shops. Buy yourself equipment and ammunition, have a peaceful rest while waiting out the night or sit by the fire and upgrade your skills.

Developer - Coming soon I release (PvP Fights, new locations, archers, vikings,
ragdoll physics, new weapon and new animation)
Thanks for playing!

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Latest Ratings

Generic 4
So, good, but improvable. Mainly, a sense of fulfillment. Right now, it's good, but feels empty. You go to the arena, save up, buy a sword or armour that's overpriced. Rinse and repeat. The combat and controls are satisfying and fun, but the IAP equipment will make the multiplayer that's going to be added, WILDLY unbalanced. Something good, though ambitious, might even be to make the game open world when you add quests.
RK 4
Its very good game, i love the graphic even when in low condition. The gameplay is nice, feels like a gladiator fighting for survival. I like the attack move, its so realistic and adding a momentum feels more like a dark souls attack motion. Adding more unique weapon and armour will make the game better, and im waiting for the o-op mode so i can play with my friends.
amir 5
Pretty good game. You should add parry when 2 swords hit each other it's totally bad that every attack hits and you're almost impossible to hit when attacking... Everyone would simply spam attack this way...
Dawson 4
This game is awesome! One of the best animated games out there. You can only fight in the arena. If this game had a story and maybe a free roam or different levels, it'd be one if the best mobile games to get. Very fun!
dimas 5
Need more mode, multi-player and more more mode. It's potentially great game. And perhaps add some skill chart rather than fighting barbaric without any sense. Maybe add some story line. People loved a game with a good storyline.
Pedro 4
I really like where this video game so far. I would rate it 5 stars except that I cannot change the player characters hairstyle and colour. It is a very fun game. The swordplay motions are not very skilled but the gameplay is way fun and the damage thus far is fairly realistic against an untrained swordsman. I would suggest the programmer watch gameplay of the computer video game called Exanima available on steam. That one has realistic ragdoll physics but also weak swordplay. Slightly more skilled in footwork though, and the opponents aqqre more skilled as well. This video game is awesome though! People with red hair get picked on a lot. Armsmen usually had cropped hair.☺
draden 4
The gake feels and plays smooth but it so easy. More thing to the combat would make it great but its not as good as it can be. Add blocking and parrying it make it a tad slower because i can just saw through enemys
Andraž 5
Great potential. Needs more mechanics (parry, block,...) more loadouts (one handed, two handed, shield,...) and better character editing (equipment and visual). Multiplayer would be nice but the game lacks mechanics for an exciting multiplayer...
Nicholas 5
Good game. Wish it had more of a... Rank system. Fighting in a small town and working you way up to a large colosseum. Perhaps even some titles. Maybe a little story. Would be awesome but the game is still great
David 4
Everything is good but control is a bit vague, I cannot tell if I am hitting the enemy or the enemy is hitting me sometimes, just see blood spilling out. Also, I the attack direction some times are not really the same as I intended... Needs a bit improvement
Zachs 5
This is probably the best Mobile game I've played all year. Great art style, fun and challenging gameplay. I'm excited to see where this game goes!

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