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Explore the ruins of Mordheim. Collect Wyrdstone and clash with enemy warbands

Explore the ruins of the City of Mordheim, clash with other scavenging warbands and collect Wyrdstone - valuable shards from the comet that destroyed the city.

Legendary Game’s adaptation of Games Workshop’s classic table top game: Mordheim, set in the Warhammer world. Multi player turn-based arena strategy right at your fingertips, you’ll have the freedom to play how YOU want to play. Hide in the shadows and wait for the right moment to strike, get a vantage point and pick your targets off with ranged weapons, or bring the fight straight to your opponent in an up close and personal confrontation, the choice, is yours!

Beware all who enter Mordheim the Warhammer Universe is brutal and it doesn’t get more dangerous than a ruined city teaming with rival warbands and monstrous horrors. A core game feature is a permanent death and permanent injury. Players must prepare for death, destruction and disability. You will need to dismiss warriors from your band that get too badly injured and sometimes you may need to disband a warband completely and start again.

From release three mercenary factions are available: Reiklanders, Middenheimers and Marienburgers each with different traits and play styles. Each represents one of the factions pitted against each other in a brutal civil war over who should sit in the throne as Emperor. Can you harvest more Wyrdstone from Mordheim than your rivals to fuel your master’s war effort?

More factions will follow as DLC, including:
● Skaven – Skulking sinister rat men who need Wyrdstone to thrive
●Sisters of Sigmar – The only faction with remotely honourable intentions
● Witch Hunters – Agents of the Grand Theogonist who will burn first and ask questions later
● Cult of the Possessed – Men who have turned to the dark powers for salvation
● Undead – Agents of the Vampire Counts, helping their bid to control the living

Key Features:
● Tactical turn-based gameplay with incredible action sequences
● Recruit, customise and train your Warband
● A rich, powerful and immersive fantasy world
● Multiplayer online – you will go up against other player made Warbands
● Available for both iPhones and iPads!
● Continuous planned updates, including extra content and map variations.
● “Graphic novel” art style with a grim undertone perfectly setting the scene of the harrowing city of Mordheim

About Legendary Games
Legendary are award winning multi-platform, multi-player developers specialising in Unity and HTML5 Games. Web site:

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Latest Ratings

Sam 4
Poor or completely non-existent tutorial or explanation of stats/skills, crummy graphics and repetitive game play. But love it all the same because it's mordheim, and is packing all the nostalgia /Stockholm syndrome that come with the name.
Will 3
It's okay and in general I like it because I'm a long time player and fan of GW. I do have a bone to pick. I've had the opposing warband on the ropes, many times 3:1 and several times even 4:1 and my guys run away and I'm defeated. If this persists I'll most likely quit playing.
John 4
Without paying into the micro-transactions; the game is really set to a "hard mode" when characters you've spent hours building up get crumped hard. If you're a little masochist, this game is for you. Lol
Scotty 1
I absolutely adore the pc version first off, but this is a terrible bastardization of it. Complete inability to make currency, no difficulty indicators so you're always up against warbamds at LEAST twice as strong as you, scaling recruitment cost (so you can't buy characters after about the second or third one without purchasing pay currency. It's just wayyyy too unforgiving for a game with permanent injuries and death. Pretty much unplayable and it actually makes me sad that I gave them any money at all for this. Don't make the same mistake I did, at least not in this state, it's a sinkhole.
CptFuzzball 4
Could use indicators for where the cover spots are and a way to earn the in game currency. Other than that most true to for GW game I ever seen on mobile. Small edition. Can't use my nickname CptFuzzball cause of profanity, got grouped against someon called FuqStic .. +1
Chuck 2
Unless you want to buy fate with real money,to heal your men, forget this game . they'll keep putting you in no win situations and your men, who take forever to arm,armor, and train, will die and only your cash will save them.
Tolga 2
I would rate this game a 5 BUT there are some serious issues. Besides the inability to somehow even remotely earn I game fate points or an indicator on mission difficulties OR some how your characters being robbed despite your winning the mission. My biggest gripe is that when a character dies, the equipment that you bought for your warband also goes into the grave with the character. That is utter and compete nonsense as no merc group in the history of the world or gaming would do that. It's simply an oversight, lazy programming or a way to get people to spend money on the game. PLEASE FIX IT. Otherwise this game is a simple Uninstall and a games workshop Facebook groups recommendation to not even bother to install the game. Please fix that giant error. I have to add this happened despite Winning the battle. I also saw a comment by your staff about "being robbed" as it being part of the risk of going on a raid. Fair enough if I can rob as well. Out of the 5 warband I have started played and dismissed and started again not once did I suddenly get an extra item from the enemy team nor did I ever. Manage to gather anything that the enemy did not already loot on the map itself. If ur gonna do it then make it fair.
Jaxon 1
Cash grab mechanic for healing with no way of earning it in-game. Supported game initially, but as it stands there are other games that are better designed.
David 4
Totally dig the game, only a few things I think are an issue for me: no Ogre mercenary for human bands, rat ogre can't learn or gain xp, the cost of high price weapons rises as warband level rises (should be other way around), wardog gets in the way and is basically worthless, crossbows hit too often and do too much damage
Matt 4
Fun tactical combat. Fantasy Necromunda. Game runs slow on my device, but fun.
Mark 5
Really love this game. Very faithful to the original. So much fun building up your warband.

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