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Pixel 2 Theme for LG V30 & LG G6








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By Mark Bencze Theme Designs Category Personalization #37

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A beautiful and stunning Pixel 2 inspired theme for your LG V30 or LG G6

This is Pixel 2 theme. This is my take on the Pixel 2 Ui on your LG V30 or LG G6 using UX 6/6+. What you will find is the high standards and attention to the small details that you have come to expect from every single one of my designs. I have created and evolved the way we look at themes in general for LG and set the bar where others will surely try to copy. This is my interpretation on the Pixel 2. Now sit back and enjoy the refreshing yet familiar experience.

***Please note that when updating you need to reapply the theme after the update has been installed***

This is not a 100% complete replica of every element of the Pixel 2 as there are some limitations to what can be themed due to LG's restrictions. You will also see the new Gboard style keyboard on presented via LG keyboard. Many have attempted but not achieved the correct look. These high standards are what I set for myself to give you the best possible experience and the highest quality of themes and support.

This is a custom built theme for the LG V30 or LG G6 device ONLY and is meant for all users with no root required!!! You can apply the theme by going to settings, themes and selecting this theme from the selections available!

There are 30 different apps themed

~~~This theme is only for the LG V30 or LG G6!!! Please note that refunds will not be given for installations on non LG V30 or LG G6 devices.~~~

This is only for LG System apps and does not support third party apps. If you wish to have third party apps themed you will need to use alternative methods. There is nothing I can do about this.

Stock LG launcher is recommended for best results! Some third party launchers may present issues with applying the icons but otherwise work just fine.

Themed apps:
~LG Alarm Clock
~LG Backup
~LG Browser (Carrier specific - note that some carriers removed this app)
~LG Calendar
~LG Camera
~LG Contacts
~LG Easy home launcher
~LG Email
~LG File Manager
~LG FM Radio
~LG Gallery
~LG Hifi recorder
~LG Home Launcher
~LG Messages (most carriers are removing this now for Android Messages instead)
~LG Music
~LG Phone
~LG Keyboard
~LG InCall UI
~LG Quick Memo
~LG Quick Remote
~LG Quick Voice Plus
~LG Settings
~LG Smart Share Cloud
~LG SystemUI
~LG TV app (carrier specific)
~LG Update Center
~LG Voice Recorder
~LG Weather

If you experience any issues please contact me directly instead of rating poorly and I will do my best to assist you with your issue. I am often very quick to reply to users who have questions or may experience issues. User satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me so help me help you!
I cannot offer support to users who are using heavily modified systems as some elements may be beyond my control and the author of said modifications may have compromised the stability and integrity of the system.

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Latest Ratings

John 4
This is a really good thing. There's only one thing that I actually don't like, and that's the phone icon in the dialer app... It's green. But on the pixel it's pink, which looks way better. Is there a way to change that? Other than that, great job!!
Eddie 5
I almost never put a reviews but this theme is one of the best and smooth I have ever seen. Bought both Pixel and Pixel 2. Keep it up. Great work Mark! Love this theme!
SP 4
I feel like this app drains my battery much more than the default themes, is there any confirmation on this?
Tomasz 5
This themes is awesome. Makes my V30 look like a Pixel.
Great job! Thank you and keep up the great work!
Danny 5
Great alternative to dark theme. Thanks
Andrew 5
Awesome themes. The best pixel themes.
Allison 4
Almost perfect, but the color of the brightness slider and checkbox in quick settings is blue (all other controls are black). Looks out of place :(
Cedrick 5
Another one out of the park by Mark Bencze! Love his work and can't wait to see what he comes up with next!
Commander 5
Great theme. One suggestion please make black or dark gray the symbols in the symbols key from the keyboard. Now are white. Thanks
Jeremy 5
Dig it.. On point with the pixel 2 experience..

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