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Cinemagraphs on the go and free for all!

No tripod or professional tools needed. Just a bit of creativity and your photos will come to life!

(*) cinemagraphs are a mix between a picture and a video. They look like magic photos. (And with Loopsie, you are the wizard!)


Stabilization Algorithm
Loopsie removes shaking hands effects on your videos.
 Thanks to the top notch stabilization algorithm you can leave your tripod at home!

HD videos
No blurred or low definitions videos. Loopsie fully supports HD videos.

User friendly UI
You don’t need to be a geek or a post production expert.
Taking a Loopsie is as easy as taking a selfie!

Loop effects
Choose if you want a bounce loop or a repeat loop.

Aspect Ratios
You can choose between all the most common aspect ratios.

Edit later
A loopsie is (almost) forever. Are you not satisfied by the final result?
You can re-edit your loopsie any time!


Use the hashtag #loopsieoftheday to get a chance to see your loopsie featured inside the app and get new followers!

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Android and Me

Android and Me

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phone Arena

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    Ever wondered how one goes about making those photos where only one or two objects are moving, while everything else seems to be frozen in time? They are called cinemagraphs and are basically done by mixing a short clip with a photo, all taken from the very same camera position. Most of the image is just the picture, but a few parts have frames from the clip imposed on top.

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Android Police

Android Police

Latest Ratings

Jesse 5
At first I expected this product to fail and be some kind of nock off, but instead it was free, mobile (I can take it and use it everywhere anytime) and most importantly it does exactly what it says it does and what I need it to do! This app works really well to me and I recommend it to you if you want to make amazing Instagram videos. I'm not paydays to write this. :)
Mohit 2
It cannot perform well in low light conditions. Not even basic exposure correction. It should provide additional options to select animate and freeze options. Like brush size, automatic background selection, brush feather etc. These are pretty basic things in any camera app/creative app. Yet I like this app because it does what it says.
Kfir 4
Great app! You should improve the masking, it's hard to mask things that are tiny (cuz the brush is really big). One thing I've not is that when I'm at the masking section and then my screen turns off, when I'm turning it on again, the masking is resetting itself.
Chane 1
The app doesn't allow me to go further than recording. As soon as I recorded a video the app freezes. I deleted and re-installed in the hopes that it will work. I really want this app to work though!
Cedric 5
Still a little bit of bugs scattered here and there, but overall a great take on bringing the cinemagraph app to Android!! Some bugs were stuck while recording, app shutdown when trying to share, masking did not animate. get some beta testers for feedback then work on it. nevertheless, awesome!
Scrapcat 4
Amazing app with awesome potential. The only issue is there is no cue to say the photo has downloaded. I have 'lost' a couple of loopsies after hitting the download button, taking another photo and then realising the last photo didn't download. Thank you for your great app.
Zalan 1
This app is rubbish. The only thing that works is the switching between front and rear cameras. It doesn't record...it doesn't take pictures.... It does absolutely nothing. Deleting it.
Lee 3
I would use this a lot but in order to stabilise the footage the camera is zoomed in a lot which results in a poor quality finished clip. If it saved better quality I would highly recommend it as it's great fun.
Robbie 5
Finally a working Cinemagraph app on android, better than any current similar apps out there. Support dev by removing watermarks right after few tries. Looking forward to future improvement. Some suggestion: 1. undo last move; 2. zoom when shooting; 3.import other videos. 4. gif output; 5. edge blur to prevent brightness difference etc..
Derek 4
This app is really getting there but needs to be able to edit existing video to be taken seriously. Would happily pay £5 for this app if it could do this. Please add this feature and you would have the best cinemagraph app out there!
Bojan 4
Ok, just sometimes it won't record the video and if it does it takes "a bit" more than few seconds to process it on my OnePlus 3. Also, paying to remove watermark... Hmmm... Maybe watch an ad or something like on other similar apps or unlock a lot more functions for the price. Besides that, good start.

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