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By Machine Zone, Inc. Category Strategy

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Become a legend, fight epic creatures and unlock rare treasure in Game of War!

Don’t miss your chance to become legendary!

Lead massive armies into epic battles against dragons, monsters, and players from around the globe in the most addicting, interactive strategy game! Are you ready for an action-packed adventure?

✔ Build & customize your very own Empire
✔ Choose your role! Are you a builder? A soldier? A leader? You decide.
✔ Train, level-up, and deck out your Heroes
✔ Craft legendary weapons to rise above the competition
✔ Train vast armies to lead into action packed battles on the stunning World Map
✔ Play & chat with millions of online players worldwide in 32 different languages – all in real-time
✔ Forge alliances with players to conquer enemies & become the most powerful Alliance in the Kingdom!
✔ Conquer the Wonder to become the almighty Emperor!
✔ Use your power to give special titles to your friends & enemies in the Kingdom!

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Lawliet 1
I spent $25 atm. im going to cut my loses and delete this app. its very addicting but as everyone else has pointed out its a pay to win or pay to have fun video game. i suggest spending your money on a new computer so you can play any game you want than this app. if there was no in app purchases and it was truely f2p than i would probably play forever. but no im done for ever.
Jessica 5
I absolutely love this game. It's very addicting!! You get to meet amazing people across the world. You work together in your alliance and help eachother grow strong within your alliance. This game does offer packs where you can buy. If you choose too though. I know people who have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on this game. I'm one myself. Lol this game becomes your investment over time. It's truelly am awesome game. These people literally become your 2nd family, war family. You look out for eachother. You get to war rally other cities with your alliance. You get to protect your city and your allinace city. You can capture other cities hero's and chop their head off. Most importantly you need to protect your hero and your city with peace shields. Your hero is everything. You get to train billions and billions of troops, you get to craft gears, cores, upgrade your cities. I've been playing for months and there's still so much to learn. Research is the key to this game. I recommend this game to everyone. Happy huntings !!! 😈
Jeff 3
With new upgrades weekly that cost a 100 bucks a pop to keep up with the game has lost most of its appeal. The online friends I've made are the only reason I continue to play. No other game will have you playing "Keep up with the Jones" like this one. After 18 months of playing, I'm pretty much done. This game caters to the spenders and does not treat non spenders equally.
Mario 1
I have played this game for over 2 years, it was a great game even buying the packs but MZ has gotten so greedy. To many releases to fast they don't care about customer, requirements are ridiculous now for resources and speeds. You can't keep up anymore. If they released one new thing every 5-6 months would be good but they release 3-4 things every two weeks. I can't justify the cost anymore.
Ruben 5
This game of war is outstanding! A must have. Really great job with the alliance cities and everything from that part of the game. I don't like nor do I approve of any research or building past level 21, taking more than 5,000 days. It's not the great wall you know ! **** 1/2 stars for me. Still 👌 game guys.
T.J. 5
Best game I have played yet. It is a really cool MMORPG-ish game. If you haven't played it, you are missing out. It is a great way to find friends and just hang out. And if you choose to be without a hive...give me your coords and I will come by to farm...jk. Come download and have a blast with us.
Joseph 2
No customer satisfaction. No chance of obtaining max research unless you can throw hundreds of pounds at the game on same day releases. Fraudulent players selling dodgy accounts (Ctesse). Paying others to obtain kills to rig events, terrible lag issues. ONE BIG FLOPPY HORSE PENIS OF AN EXPERIENCE, AVOID this game
Ballboy 1
Hands down the worst game ever. Only purpose is so a tiny group willing to spend big money can bully others. Common to have battle where an army of more than a million inflicts no casualties while being totally destroyed, driving most players from game and leaving a landscape of empty shell fortresses patrolled by a few rich goons. Simply a horrible waste if time. Yuck!
Mike 1
So many ways to spend real money! You can buy a pretend building! or a pretend ability! Two or three flashing ads are always on screen, unless you are actually in a money spending mode. Overly complex building like sim city, but takes too long unless you pay. Combat between players is lame, no action pure chance. Dungeon combat similarly lame. S much time simply clicking around.
Audrey 1
It is impossible to advance in this game unless you spend lots of cash. Every week something new is added to the game and you need to spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade. The company is very greedy, charges way to much for their packs. The reduced packs are less money but they also reduce the items so it's not much of a benefit. I like the game but hate the greed of the company.
dave 1
The worst game ever if you are clever enough to breath. Aimlessly click away to get the smallest bonuses. Get hit with loads if adverts. Do lots of pointless things for v little reward. The upside my dog could play it and she was not bright and is also dead. Maybe she did and died or border. 3.9 stars is 3.9 to high


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