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Real life train simulation

Have you ever dreamed of being a train engineer? Train Simulator PRO 2018 will let you drive carefully modeled locomotives leading passenger or freight trains across the eastern half of the US. Whether you like fast passenger locomotives or powerful freight movers able to pull dozens of cars, in our game you will find it all. Whatever you choose, you will have to watch out for speed limits, rail crossings, signals and other trains. Plan your route wisely to maximise profits and create the most powerful railway company in the US!

During your travels, you can admire photo-realistic graphics including cities, suburbs, factories, countrysides and many more. Each locomotive includes a carefully-rendered engineer’s cabin with working levers and gauges for maximum realism. However, you have to be careful as driving recklessly or pushing the brakes for too long may damage the train. So put your engineer’s cap on, and let’s get rolling!

Main features:
▶ Almost 1000 square miles of terrain
▶ 15 cities to explore and choose job from
▶ 6 unique locomotives
▶ 14 detailed cars (3 passenger and 11 freight)
▶ Locomotives and cars damage system
▶ Locomotive cabs with interactive levers and gauges
▶ Dynamic weather and day/night system
▶ Other trains and traffic on roads
▶ Photo-realistic graphics
▶Advanced signaling and speed limit systems

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Mykola 5
STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!!! One of the best train simulator on game market! Sometimes it force close and glitches on my hi-end tablet, but it doesn't make me lose a mission progress that I appreciate with 5 start rating! I recommend to have locomotives on two sides to be comfortable with gameplay.
Luke 5
It's a fantastic game. I've noticed a small bug where sometimes I go into the game and it says my current mission is 100 percent complete when I'm only half way through the journey. If I reload a few times it's fine but it's kind of annoying sometimes. Please look into it.
Theontariotransit 4
This is amazing! Ive been waiting for with a game with both modern & vintage diesel electric north American locomotives! Please do the following though, for the GE units (dash 8, dash 9, p42dc) give them a more GE Sounding engine as the all pretty much sound the same. Also add different horns for the more modern locomotives. Please add a bell, bells are needed when approaching/exiting stations or when passing railroad crossings. For the Bombardier cars...change the paint please! It is very un real as i can see you tried to replicate the go transit paint, maybe change it to cal train and do the same for the mp36. Also add a cab to one of the coaches for push pull commuter service. My last request for this game is to add working crossing gates with ringing bells/working gates/flashing lights. Please make a transit bus simulator pro 2018!!! Add the new look, classic, d40lf, orion v, novabus lfs, Novabus lfsa, and new flyer xd40! Thanks!
Hakim 2
Please fix this game again.. I try open this game want playing,but this game out screen and loading so long..
Sameer 5
Best train simulation game in android bt need to signal updates like single works.
Shane 5
You guys should make a subway simulator for your next game....
killer 4
Best train sim on Android. I normally only do two train runs then delete the app. This one is cool. Do have a few gripes. First is the yellow direction line. Id like to be able to turn it off. Second is an option to move and make the controls bit bigger. Third more camera options, zoom when in cab. And just more trains and new maps. Defo worth the money i spent. Plays well on S7 edge of full graphics.
Matthew 3
I spent real money to buy the game, only to find out most engines and railcars are locked, then spent real money again for another engine only to be told it can't form a multi unit set. Except in real life they do form multi unit sets with these engines.
Solomon 5
Very well developed game. I have some problems and improvements for this game for what it has so far. I bought 2 P42 Genesis locomotives but I can only put both at the front but not one at the back. Why can't we choose the direction of the locomotives? For example back to back. The platforms are not so long. You can only fit 6 carriages. The graphics of the train are too dark when it's daytime sometimes. There is no shadow. There is no red light at the back of the last carriage/ freight car on a train. When we reverse, it should become white and the locomotive red. We have to slow down to 30mph to cross a level crossing or suspension bridge which is unnecessary. The penalty for going over the limit is a little too high. Maybe 200 instead of 500. Let us turn the turntable ourselves for the best experience. I hope in the future, there will be a passenger view. Also trains like Acela Express can be added. The stations are quite dark too. Please add some light. Where are the bells? I know I have said a lot but for a paid game, there should be high expectations. Many people don't want to buy games so it's best to convince them by doing the best.
Mike 5
Best train simulator on the market! Please continue to update, track switching sounds, and if passing trains could blow their horns would be a great. Also more train traffic and more maps please
Joaquim 5
I thought as soon as you. Buy the pro version on the game you will get everything unlocked that's the only issue you're paying $4.99 you should get everything that's my only issue but the game is awesome


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