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Description & Details

3D ACTION RPG x MOBA GAME, Claim the Paladins Powers!

◆7 Paladin English Version◆

A RPG x MOBA game with a striking hero style, amazing skill, and tactical game play!
Recruit your best heroes, explore all places, fight honorably, and defeat your enemies with strategy!
Enter the exciting and colorful world of 7 Paladins. Build your strongest team with more than hundreds of cool and cute heroes!

[Background Story]

The universe is full of infinite power! The dark lord is detached from its seal.
The 7 Paladins that have once locked the power of the dark lord has disappeared from the face of the earth. But everyone believes that the powers of the seven paladins exist among its descendants.

[Main feature]

3-D graphics with a detailed character design, armor and weapons!

Jaw breaking skill animation! Cast spell or attack your opponent with style.

Recruit hundreds of heroes! Knights, Ninja, Mage, Demon and other mysterious secret characters.

Breathtaking battle! Unleash hero skill with a single tap!

Select and build your strongest tower to defend the emperor.

Charge with full attack, or wait for the creep wave in MOBA modes.

Duel, Team battle, and Guild War! The most epic battles start here!

Defeat the strongest Monster with your partner! Do not let the dark lord conquer the universe!

Various intriguing features will help you fulfill your destiny as 7 Paladins!


Access required:
* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To support login using different accounts
* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To support login using different accounts
* READ_PHONE_STATE- For player analysis and data
* ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - Needed for analytics tracker, to identify behavior for specific users.
* GET_ACCOUNTS - Needed for analytics tracker, to identify behavior for specific users.

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Android Version
4.1 and up
Content Rating
USK: All ages
Installs (Google)
100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

Danielle 5
This is the second time I am playing this game from the begining. Why? because a different company also had the same game out under a different name (Anime Saga). Their servers are "down due to a claim they have been hacked". Seeing this game and figuring that was a lie and the other company just got caught, I downloaded this one. It is the exact same as the other. Great game! Love it. Just becareful of a game before you put money on it. This has happened to me two times now. Hopefully this one is the real deal this time because this game is awesome, I love it.
Kaossaok 2
This game has a never ending tutorial while being a cookie cutter of the 1000s of other games in the play store just like this. One or two things that are different. When you think you are finally through the tutorial, it forces you into where to go again. Just like all the other playstore games, you can play for free, but expect to play years to compete or throw down that money and P2W.
Matthew 4
It is very similar to other games out there with hero collection and evolution. I am a fan of the combo strikes and so far it's been fairly easy to get diamonds. The game lacks a story mode and would be cool if you could fuse heroes to get newer better heroes
Gebriel 3
Earlier was able to play the game. But now at exactly 8Pm i cannot log in due to some pop up error about my internet connection which if i tried opening another game like mobile legends and my Internet is okay. This is frustrating. Been waiting for the time coz im going to do the world boss raid and here i am installing and uninstalling the game. Ok so heres the new problem after reinstalling the game the system sent me to a different server. I cannot remember what my server was. Pls help. Heres my details. My IGN: ArchDuke Level 68 Vip 2 BP 1.3M
Rafael 2
I was playing the game perfectly fine last night. However this morning when I tried to get back on it keeps saying my connection was interrupted but the background was loading fine and the black box wouldn't go away. Its definetly not my connection.
h 5
Well i have done all what you said but it still won't work. I guess this game is really not for me sorry for the inconveniences so I'll uninstall it but don't worry il leave a 5 star k bye..btw thx for trying to help me☺☺😇
Jared 1
As soon as you are allowed to do something in the game like evolve a hero you get a network error.... Wanna play the arena? Nope network error. Want to do a story mission, sorry but you get a network error.... Oh and I play several other games with my stable internet connection and have absolutely no problems what so ever.....
Nestony 4
I have a problem. I have been playing this for 5 days until the loading screen got stuck at 98% and it doesnt move anymore. Its clearly updated. Admin help with this problem.
Paul 1
Bad experience, i downloaded this because of its good review. However after downloading and all I end up having your "connection error" 98% loading then it wont connect anymore. Fix this please. I just uninstalled it for now.
Jillian 5
Admin, everytime I finish a stage on warrior tower it always tells me stage scoring failed. Please do let me know how to fix
Dualblitz 1
I would rate a 5s but it seems mostly have the 98% connection timed out issue. Plz get it fixed asap. I already tried reinstalling but still stuck at 98%. I believe its ur server connection having some issues Im from server 42

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