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Tap Busters - Android Gameplay

Description & Details

Tap To Save The Galaxy In This Insanely Addictive RPG Clicker

Tap monsters until they bust! Battle against a dangerous army of weird aliens and bizarre monsters to fulfill your heroic destiny as a Tap Buster! Travel the Galactic Empire and wage Intergalactic War to defend your planets, all while winning some cold hard cash, baby! Armor up, Tap Buster! Warm your fingers up and start your galactic journey today!

● Tap, Tap, Tap Your Way To The Top! Tap to attack! Tap to PVP! Tap to level your skills! Tap to use deadly abilities! Tap to collect money! Tap to upgrade your stuff! Tap your minions to annoy them! Tap to loot chests! Tap to collect bounties! Tap your dial-pad to call your mom and tell her how cool this game is!
● Dig Into A full RPG In Your Pocket: Have you EVER wanted to be a devastatingly handsome space-gentleman with an arsenal of ridiculous guns & armor careening through the universe with your foul-mouthed pet shooting bad guys for money? Then this is the RPG for you! (probably)
● Create Competitive PVP Chaos: It’s every Hero for themselves as you compete in a buffet of incredible arenas in hopes for a spot on the global leaderboards, exclusive arena only rewards and bragging rights!
● Collect Rare Weapons & Armor: Evolve your character for better armor and weapon drops! Combine elements to create powerful weapon & armor combos! LOOK REALLY COOL!
● Incite Chaos With Minions: Friendship is magic! Keep your preferred minion by your side to help you in battle! Some are friendlier than others, but they get the job done!
● Conjure Insane Skills: Hone your skills and build out your character and minions to your exact play-style with an expansive skill tree that grants you and your minion strange and unusual abilities!
● Hunt Rare Bounty: Take part in the daily bounty and take down boss-level villains for high-level rewards! It’s pretty @#%&$!$ hard!
● Visual Immersion: Revel in the incredible illustrated sci-fi world created by Noper, named one of the top 200 illustrators worldwide by Lürzer's Archive magazine!
● Idle Profits: Even when you’re not playing, your minions are working hard to get you gold for the next time you log in! They really deserve a day off.

Tap Busters is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's menu.

Enjoying Tap Busters? Learn more about the game!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tapbusters

Questions or Feedback? support@tapbusters.com

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    Tap Busters is an action RPG that uses the tap mechanics for just about everything you do in the game. Tap to attack, tap to PvP, tap to level your skills, tap to use powerful abilities, tap to collect money, tap to upgrade stiff, tap to collect bounties, and so on...

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Latest Ratings

Tj 3
Was a great game. Spent a little money to get lizard suit but game froze for 24hrs then reset from stage 3 level 252 back to beginning. I won't spend money again.
Jerry 3
Awesome game. Only thing missing is Google account save. Thanks for the reply, I hope you guys consider adding it. I don't want to lose all my taps. I don't wanna tap out.
Hulk 4
I like the game but HUGE game design flaw, they put chests you open right over items you purchase with credits, which are the items you get with real money. So 1 extra click too many and you just wasted real money on accident. Yeah, REALLY stupid design!
Mike 4
Rob Roskopp (skateboard artist) would be proud of this game. The artwork is rad! Best tap game I've played so far.
jordan 4
That game overall is good, the gameplay is fun and the progression is fast which makes the game more fun, However there is a bug where it won't let you continue the rounds and keeps saying the boss defeated you as soon as you start a new round
Chris 4
Not a whole lot new as far tap game aspect, tap, kill, start over with better stats... but... BEST UPDATE NOTES A GAME HAS EVER PRODUCED
Andrew 5
Great game but finding weapons and armor is a bit of a pain
Pieter 4
Nice game, only now i'm on stage 183 and i die instantly before i can kill something, is there i way you reset ?
jonny 5
Brilliant! Not like some clicker games which become stale quickly. This game keeps you interested by being competitive which is great
Jeff 5
Great little game here, wouldn't mind seeing head shots doing increased damage for the heck of it
Chris 5
Great game play new kinda concept for a tap game. I litterally can't put it down. Love it

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