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Discover the benefits of a bitcoin mining. Download the app & Get Free Bitcoin!

Enjoy Free Bitcoin Mining in our app and great rewards will be yours. Download the our btc miner app, install & get free bitcoins without limits.

Nowadays you can often hear the questions such as «What is bitcoin?» , «How to exchange btc to usd💵?» etc. We developed this bitcoin miner⛏ to answer your questions. Cryptocurrency is not a new term for those, who feel comfortable online or for those, who already try to find ways of earning money remotely. It is a wide range of opportunities for those, who are willing to learn and keep up with all the newest features and changes in a diverse world of bitcoin mining.

With the help of bitcoins, you will get a chance to increase your profits, making it a way of additional income or even your main source of revenues! Can you imagine life, where you only need to load an app, earn a bitcoin and get back to the things you enjoy: without leaving your house, wearing a fancy suite or driving hours to the office.

A new era of free bitcoins has arrived and you don’t have time to hesitate. Be the first among those, who understand that the future is in our virtual hands and earn bitcoins!

Don’t miss it.

Download our free bitcoin faucet app and enjoy all the benefits of earning online 🚰.

The best coinbase you can find 💰.

To earn bitcoin cash you only need to download our app at Google Play Market and create a bitcoin wallet, where all of your earnings will be stored. The app logic is very simple: it constantly generates hash combinations. You can increase the hash generation speed by running the mining process on the additional cores of your device.

Bitcoin generator can be obtained by completing simple actions:

- Installing apps from Play Market. Your btc will be earned immediately!
- Watching videos and commercials. It is the easiest and quickest way to make a free bitcoin;
- Launching several mining flows to increase blockchain efficiency. The more cores your cell phone has, the more simultaneous flows you are able to launch!
- Playing bitcoin games to get an additional Satoshi🎁.

Our Bitcoin mining app was created for users, who want to invest their time in increasing their bank accounts. It is a free of charge app, so you won’t have to pay any fees to download or install it. Use our app anywhere you are and experience all the benefits of free bitcoins. It is your chance to change your life for the better and allow yourself to buy things you have always dreamed of! 💎

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4.0.3 and up
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50000 - 100000
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Latest Ratings

Leon 5
Not had a pay out yet. Will repost soon...EDIT - still not payed out will repost again soon...EDIT - It has been 2 weeks now and still no pay out. So far I would say don't waste ur time. I will repost if I get payout ....EDIT (13th nov 17) 3rd week now been waiting for pay out says complete but I have not received anything. Nearly ready to collect again. Changed my BTC address just to see. Shouldn't need to but I'll try. I'll update again soon but for now it don't pay out so don't waste ya time. I'll keep 5 star to stay up top so everyone can see...
Evan 5
This app pays 20k Satoshi to give them 5 stars. I haven't reached the withdraw amount yet, so I don't know if they actually pay. I'll update this once I receive payment. The amounts you can claim are very high so it seems a little too good to be true, but we'll see.
Leo 5
Really fast way to earn satoshis! Recommended if you've got an idle phone. Continuous drips of Satoshi even when I sleep! 4 Satoshi per minute that's 600 Satoshi in 15mins - way better than others! Looking forward to my first payout!
Kiko 4
I just signed in 2 days ago. So far so good. Steady flow of coins and i think it depends on the capacity of your internet speed. I don't know if coins still flow while my phone is on hibernation/sleep mode (Need to clear this). I still need to figure out some of their offerings to increase the influx of coins. I might change my ratings, depending on the outcome of my withdrawal when i have reached the minimum withdrawal funds. Update (10/27/17): 1. It would seem that even when my phone is hibernated, it still keeps mining, granting of course i have steady mobile data feed and the app is kept running. 2. I don't know if it's just our area or something, there's just not that many offerings to increase satoshi earnings except for the video watching and their slot machine which is a little buggy (it says 5 spins every 4 hours where, in fact, its just 1 spin).
Rohit 5
This app really pays. I have received payments several times. I have never being banned because I play fair game. Please, stop posting fake reviews that this app is a scam. It is a legit app. Before you rate it bad check your behaviour. This app is genuine and paying. Keep it app developer and never be discouraged . God bless you
Faizan 1
Unfortunate error and uninstall app again I install this app and login.. Then my balance 27000 satoshi is removed. And app start from 1 satoshi???. West of time stupid aap.. Chutya aap don't install friends... Don't west your time
Mexorean 1
I'm giving this a bad review because the wallet that I entered is not there it is someone else's wallet. So this makes me bileve that this is kind of a scam. As far as I can see I can't change the wallet.
Kim 5
will wait until I withdraw those satoshis. then I'll let you all know what the verdict is. tho 500k satoshis is an insane amount ha
Snigdho 1
Transaction is completed but they didn't pay me. More than 700000 Satoshis stolen. Fake af! Don't waste your time and internet. And flag it.
okejimchris 5
This looks quite amazing. Although it's a nice way to kill ur time... Especially if u want ur time to just pass u by. At least u get a few Satoshi for wasting ur time. Nice interface though 👍
I started using this app yesterday. So far I collected 8000 satoshis and even got 20,000 satoshis for the rating. But the real thing is if this app is really going to payout the bitcoins as they promise. Really looking forward to that. I will give a full 5 star rating only then!

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