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Vroom vroom!!! Extreme vehicles. Extreme tracks. For extreme racer only!

The time has come, following up our hits Mini Racing Adventures, we listen to all your crave about a real racing game for adults. Extreme Racing Adventure is not the childish racing game anymore, it's made for real extreme racer, maniacs like you!

The tracks designed carefully day and night by our own hands and more challenging and difficult than our previous game which is intended for children. From bumpy off road track, sandy desert, cliff-like hills, to sloping asphalt. Anything you can't imagine from other toddler racing games out there.

The vehicles also designed by snobs like us and from our fans as well. We'll guarantee these beasts will please you to conquer those wild and challenging tracks. And beat your friends too in multiplayer mode.

The development of the game will keep going to the future, so let us know what would you see in future updates. And please let us know if you find any bugs or have any problem with your account, we will back you up. We don't hire robots here, you can expect to talk with fellow human at support@minimostudios.com
Please don't use review section to ask about your problem, we could miss reading your review among a lot of reviews.

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Vroom vrooooom...

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Latest Ratings

giacomo 2
Two stars. Cars are a bit too weak, even compared to Mini Racing. And no, upgrading the chassis doesn't have any effect on the car's fragility. I've got a Gila Buggy and it breaks in a hundred pieces just caressing the road signs...
Steve 1
This game looks fantastic but for me it is not much fun. The cars are limited in how high they can go and they fall apart too easily imo. Thanks for the link though.
Naomi 4
Easily as good as Mini Racing Adventures, it loses a point only because it's basically just the same game, albeit admittedly prettier. Still, definitely worth playing.
Lawrence 2
cars are way to fragile! upgrades cost to much and when u do upgrade they don't do anything! first game was great this one NOT SO MUCH. .
Melissa 5
#1 game Ever, if ur team makes more tracks could u make a swamp track and a swamp buggy , there's no game out there with that in it ur team would impress the world and everyone would make ur team #1. Needs mud and water tracks still #1 Game Ever. Game is starting to glitch car speed slows down.
Larry 3
This is a mini racing clone, with the difference between the two is that this one is a money taking machine: 1) Mini racing coins in denominations of 1,5,10's....this game 1's 2) first vehicle purchase at 6000 coins...long wait if only collecting singles 3) purchase mid pack vehicle for $1.99....slower than 2nd offer vehicle in race (even with upgrades) 4) in battle mode, there are no bonuses for leading sections (there are none) so what is the point in battle? All I see is a race to get your cash into developers account
Tyler 4
So far it's pretty good. Very nice update to Mini racing adventure. Seems like the process of vehicles is a bit steep, but all in all enjoying it
Leo 3
Purchased 2 vehicles upgraded the to max played once then come back to play couple days later all upgrades gone and want me to buy more coins to start over.
Kyle 5
Looks great, bet it sounds great. But I liked the gas/brake and tilt controls separate, more.
I think it's a really cool game it keeps you busy and you keep going farther good job
Airick 5
Minimo, I just discovered a bug with the coins. When I pass 2000m on any track, the coins I collect display a green number 5 when I get them, but they actually give me 4, and when I pass 3000m, the coins say 1, but they dont give me any coins at all, and the coin value at that distance shouldn't be 1 either. Hope this helps!

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