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Full-featured calculator and converter

Mi Calculator will do the math for you. Regular, scientific, and mortgage calculators, as well as currency and unit converters are all here in one place.
1.Edit history and view previous results in the regular calculator.
2.Find trigonometric functions, logarithms, and more additional features in the scientific calculator.
3.Daily updated exchange rates in the universal currency converter.
4.Know the exact amount of the next installment with the mortgage calculator.
5.Freely convert units of length, area, volume, speed, time, and mass in the unit converter.

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Latest Ratings

Felix 3
Would be great if users could set default to regular calculator or scientific inc. when opened. Also be great if users could choose common default currencies for primary, secondary and tertiary choices and common used ones. Also calc 10^10000 on ze Ti89 titanium, same ans is Infinity, maybe same logic, overflow is displayed as infinity or neg. Infininity. It should be displayed as 1.E10000 right? When you type 10^1000 on other calc you get 8nf8ty as wellu get opearat( As for 98+21x24, the ans is 602, it's mult. before adding, u must have hit some other key combo as someone has mentioned
Sk 4
app is good.. but please include logarithmic inverse function and inverse of trigonometry functions... anti log function... and why this app need permissions of location and wifi etc... develop this app and add more scientific functions like original calculator fx82ms model.... and aslo insert the mathematics Bracket Of Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction (BODMAS) ruke... for getting correct answers for every ans... some people tell they got wrong ans in calculation because the BODMAS ruke in not included in this app.. please include it..
Shashank 5
This should be the default calculator in every Android device. I am surprised why Google didn't incorporate such features in the stock calculator app. I hate to keep 2 different apps for similar work but this one is absolutely necessary for virtually every person. So many basic but useful functions. Shame that I can't uninstall stock calculator app without rooting my phone.
Bill 1
Why does a calculator need to know my location, my phone status and identity, my Wi-Fi status, device and app history? Spyware.
Rue 3
Meh, needs some work. As others have said, there are various issues. But the mortgage calc is cool, even if it shows as CNY and doesn't allow currency selection.
No 4
One reviewer commented on a calculation giving the wrong answer, 98+21x24=602 is correct (98+21)x24=2865 gives the answer you are looking for. It's a fairly good app.
bicky 1
As i have mi phone but still i preferred other calculator as it is one of the worst in most cases like add 98+21 then ×24 the mi calculator says 602 but the real calculator say which is exact 2856. So it sucks better to use it other app.....
Purnima 5
Awesome calculator app by Xiaomi. Now it has been launched in play store which will help us to update the app easily. The calculator itself is very great which also packs up currency converter. I loved it a lot. Keep it up Xiaomi.
Nom 5
More than just a calculator. It can do things like currency conversions. I'm impressed. I wish MIUI phones were available in my country. Samsung just doesn't do it for me.
Aneesh 2
Please correct the app 9÷3(1+2). It's giving wrong answer. Please fix BODMAS rule in this calculator.
Very Sad Because Their Is Not Available Bangladeshi Currency BDT. Hope ASAP MI Calculator Add Bangladeshi BDT Currency.

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