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Click and play any Spotify content through widgets and shortcuts.

Sign for Spotify lets you open any shareable Spotify content immediately with a single click. Avoid the hassle to find your favorite content inside Spotify. We, the hardcore Spotify users, deserve Sign for the best listening experience.

There's a permanent notification and various beautiful widgets to access your content immediately. Everything is extremely customizable.

‌• Beautiful and highly customizable various widgets
‌• A highly customizable permanent notification
‌• Create shortcuts for any content
‌• Incredible customization possibilities for everything
‌• Dynamic shortcuts display the top 4 added content entries
‌• Sort and edit your added Spotify content with ease
‌• If signed in, your settings and added content will never be lost, no matter what happens!
‌• Auto, night and day app theme
‌‌• Hide app icon

Supported Spotify content
‌• Albums
‌• Artists
‌• Charts
‌• Playlists
‌• Tracks
‌• Podcasts and podcast episodes
‌• Video shows

Notes and Spotify restrictions
‌• Any content is opened with default settings. (Shuffle mode, continue from last position etc. is not possible to add)
‌• Only shareable content can be added to Sign

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Android Version
4.2 and up
Content Rating
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1000 - 5000
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Björn 5
Edit: Now everything works correctly! I can't add anything. not with Spotify share and not with Copy link options. The playlist don't appear. Using Android 8
Alper 5
I can't add anything, I'm doing it right but when I tap the 'add' button the app shuts down. Why?
Curtis 4
Great app, however, wish we could change the opacity of the widgets.
Mustafa 5
At first I really underestimated and ignored this app. It's been incredibly useful as I've used it more.
Nikhil 5
This app is something you'd imagine Spotify to come along with by default. It eliminates the time wasted in opening Spotify then going through your playlist each and every time. For a person who uses Spotify regularly this app is a love at first sight ❤️
Arturo 4
I really like the application, but I have a few suggestions. I would like to request to be able to choose not to have the app logo super imposed on top of the playlist icon. It would also be great if the " - " that separates the name of the playlist and your name disappeared if I didn't type anything onto the second field. Lastly, I would like to request the ability to choose the positioning of the album/playlist cover for the icon. Now, some of my icons don't look that good because the icon is created around the center of the image, it would be great to choose a new center/ be able to zoom in/out. Thanks in advance
Robin 3
Like it, but I have some suggestions; let us make multiple categories (artists, albums, playlists) so you can add more widgets to order them on your homepage (like in the screenshots). Also when you have your widget transparent, you can see a little gap between the icons which doesn't look very beautiful.
Henry 5
Being able to add shortcuts to my home screen is great because it lets me change playlists in the car without much effort. I highly recommend this app!
Samantha 5
Very handy. Saves me a few taps.
LionSLayer 4
There are other free apps like this but i dont know why this one is diffirent.
Antony 5
Very good idea, but would like to see the ability to customise the icon of the playlist on the home screen.

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