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Bloody Mary Origins is an adventure puzzle and horror game focused in mysteries.

Bloody Mary Origins is an adventure puzzle and horror game focused on storytelling and investigation. You will play as a couple of investigators who need to solve the mysterious death of a girl named Mary and what is happening to her ghost. The deeper you go the more amazed and surprised you´ll be with all the revelations and clues that will drive you to the truth.
Don´t waste any time! Download the game now and find out all the secrets and puzzles of this case will be the most tricky and relevant of your career.

Chapter III is now Available! More investigation, puzzles, scary horrors, ghosts and clues added to your adventure!

- Rich story based adventure puzzle game*;
- Intuitive and user friendly interface and controls;
- Lots of places to explore;
- Dozens of puzzles to decipher and complete through your adventure;
- Great Atmosphere and Light Effects;
- Stunning 3D Rendered Graphics and Hand Painting Art;
- Paranormal and ghost activities that will truly scares you!

*This game is a modified tale from the urban legend of Bloody Mary ghost.

Download now the most deeply and scary adventure puzzle game! Blood Mary Origins - Ghost Adventure!

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2.3 and up
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USK: Ages 12+
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50000 - 100000
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Latest Ratings

Kym 3
It's okay. Kind of annoying. Slightly Slow. Need to keep clicking the flashlight to move anywhere. The googly eyes make it feel like im cheating since I'm not actually finding clues on my own. Graphics are just okay. Played the 3 free levels that had lots of area to explore. But then you gotta pay to finish.
Christy 5
Just tried the latest update and I'm still unable to complete the animal puzzle. Edit: Rebooted my phone and all is well now! Thanks for the update! I really enjoy the game. :) Edit2: Can't access chapter 3 walkthrough, but figured out the Ouija board. Great puzzles!
Trevor 4
I like the game very much, the puzzles are good and the story line & mystery are very good. I have purchased the premium half or the full game but I still can't get it to automatically save, especially offline. I have got stuck on the quija board and have tried the puzzle without success, I have, online tried from where I finished last time but either my phone is not functioning properly or the game doesn't automatically save especially offline. Otherwise the game is very scary and the graphics very good. I hope to finish and solve the mystery of what happened to Mary but looks like having to start over again and again.
Zerg 5
Great game, puzzles aren't overly difficult if you pay attention. Nothing's unimportant n definitely scrub up on your word jumble skills. All in all enjoying my second playthrough with the girl this time. Look forward to the other instalments.
songsforgoldfish 2
Navigation was difficult. Needed to use the flashlight to explore most scenes but the flashlight doesn't follow your finger easily. Didn't finish because I got so frustrated, but gameplay was slow and boring as far as I got.
Cheryl 5
Huge fan of the original game and dissspointed when I couldn't redownload on my new phone. When I got upstairs it was a nice throwback to the original! Please keep making more games like this.
trisha 4
I love this game .But I have a problem with the riddle : the strongest walks towards the north The cunning goes in a west direction The clever flies east The quiet marches south Plz help me
Bayley 5
Best game I have found for my phone in a while! Its graphics a good, it is challenging and the grammar is proper english... Which, surprisingly enough, can be a major problem... Great work guys!!
Sayali 4
I loved the game overall.. But I can't find the bucket. I have been stuck there for days now!! And it's pissing me off!
Shae 5
Got to chapter 3... And did the lock box with the symbols. And it wanted me to buy the app... but there's no link to buy it. I wanna play this game!!!! Edit: finally let me purchase!!
Kat 4
Wasn't sure about game before installing , but was impressed once I started playing. Graphics are great and game is super addictive!


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