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The MobileXpression app allows you to participate in the MobileXpression research community and earn rewards for your time. MobileXpression is a market research panel designed to understand the trends and behaviors of people using the mobile Internet. Are the most popular sites on the Internet also the most popular sites on the mobile Internet? Where are people surfing to and what mobile applications are they using? These are the kinds of questions MobileXpression can answer.

You will need to complete registration at before you can install our app. If you have questions, please contact MobileXpression Member Support at

New version supports more languages and more countries!

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Latest Ratings

Gillian 2
Received $5 gift card after first week as the app stated so after the first week, I loved the app. However, I've been connected continually for the past two months and have received nothing. Sure, I am not actively doing anything, however, I am allowing access to information and someone is getting paid for that information (otherwise this wouldn't exist) so receiving nothing in return seems like a scam, in my opinion. They do have a prize drawing each week but seriously...putting my name in a hat with thousands and thousands of other people, is the same as getting nothing. If my experience with the app changes, I'll update my rating.
Jill 2
I have not found much use for this app except once a week to enter for a prize. There is a game on the site but there are no ways to earn tokens for it. They will randomly give you tokens to play the game. I have had this app installed for about 2 months and only once got any tokens to play the game and that was about 5 weeks ago and I'm still waiting to receive my prize.
scott 5
Just sit back and do nothing, and earn money. Got 1 £20 Amazon voucher and few points off my next £20 voucher. Just leave app to run, as simple as that. People moaning it's a scam are clueless. You give permission to the company have this running on your phone, if you don't like that, don't install it.
Cheryl 5
Ok this is the second review I am writing, because honestly this is one of the best apps that I have come across. They pay and really you do nothing, and yes I have received all my gift cards promptly. I recommend Mobile Expressions to everyone.😁Thanks Mobile Expressions for being honest and actually paying.
Stacy-Ann 4
Great app, just download and leave your device connected to wifi or your data. Love the rewards after earning enough credits! Only once had an issue when i switched my device from a Samsung to LG but it was resolved few months later. They came out with one that was compatible with my new device and my account info was automatically updated. Love this app!
Michael 4
I like the fact that I got $5 on Amazon a week after joining and being able to put in for a weekly prize. I still haven't seen a survey and gaining coins for an instant prize seems almost impossible though. I wish it were a bit easier to find out what needs to be done in order to get coins more easily.
patsy 4
I like it, it dosnt make your system run slow... but you have to be in it for the long run.. And make sure you turn it on when it turns off (when you lose connectivity, Or phone turns off) I have got a £20 voucher and it was delivered and used absolutely fine :-) waiting for my next one
Bonnie 3
Not sure what to think, but everytime I ask a question for the developers, they always respond with the same answer. I might just see if I get my first reward and unistall the app. My phone has been having problems since I installed it.
Lee 5
Can't go wrong !! Everyone love's free money especially for nothing I've got about £60 in amazon voucher now and not been joined that long well don't seem that long... keep up the good work best app ever shame there ain't more like it.... I'm over the moon be a nice little crimbo gift for me by time Christmas comes.. HAPPY DAYS
Alexis 2
Well 2nd review. Received 1 $5 gift card. No coins no nothing on how to earn coins. It just eats up data for nothing. Whats the odds of winning the sweepstakes anyway 1 in a million....not happy and ill more than likely be uninstalling this app. Was nothing like i thought at first.
Dani 5
Amazing app. £20 Amazon voucher within days just for signing up. Recieved voucher quick. No work required just leave it running in background and earn while you use data and wifi. Use daily and can get £20 Amazon vouchers every 2 weeks.

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