Last Shelter:Survival

Last Shelter:Survival








92 / day

By IM30 TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Category Strategy #8

Description & Details

Rebuild YOUR City in Zombie World!

Can you survive in the zombie world?
The whole will be accompanied by loneliness, fear, ally off, similar plunder and other unfavorable factors
And you have to rebuild the whole city, looking for hidden people
But you do not know if they are not deadly virus infection ...
You have to step by step carefully, fight for all the resources you need, live in this desolate doomsday!

Game features
Real Survival Game: You want to survive in the world without anything, zombies and monsters will not give you any rest time, must be reasonable to use urban construction and resources to live longer.

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Android Version
4.0.3 and up
Content Rating
Installs (Google)
50000 - 100000
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Latest Ratings

Syed 1
I paid 30$ for arms supply. I havent have been able to redeem any rewards for it in two days. Please help ..
Pop 5
I have made my base in a way that i am not 100% happy with, there should be a way to pick everything up and place it all down in a way that you want to, other than that great game :) Edit - Yeah exactly, I think that would be a great addition to a game that shows so much promise.
talon 5
Only played for 5 minutes, might be rubbish.
Boy 1
I can open m account please back my level13
Don 5
Played for 5 mins I wish it would abe a spft game.
Myo 5
This game is good. Please launch for iOS. I'm very active for this game. 😊😊😊
Gelo 1
Fix this game. Full of bugs. Previous update fixed 3 "Buildable" thingy but created more errors. Now there's no skill button, so not able to use skills. No info on what you guys are updating about, it just says Day Z. Wth is Day Z? Can't use unit transformation since 3 updates too. Fix it.
NavCat 4
Facebook binding is not safe. If your locked out of account disable facebook app then try switching to it
san 3
Full of bugs cant use unit transformation and officer skill was gone fix it
Gary 5
Think i can get on with it.... My type of game.
Levi 1
Ill give 5 stars after these are fixed. Able to purchase commanders again for 4.99 and 9.99. Also food and fuel packages for 99.99 is a rip of we use to get like 150 mil for 99.99 now its 15 mil for 99.99.. Very unhappy and won't spend another dime tell this is fixed.. Also I still havnt recived my 2 9.99 packages of steel that I pirchased 1 week ago.

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