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Official Card Monsters (by MU77) Trailer (iOS / Android )

Description & Details

3 Minutes, to Unleash your Monsters in the fastest card game!

Card Monsters is featured as Best New Games globally on Google Play!

3 Minutes, to Unleash your Monsters!

Card Monsters is a fast-paced strategic card game. Enjoy challenging, and innovative gameplay with simple mechanics that allows for an intense duel! Battle with 8 monsters and 8 items, be victorious by defeating opponent’s every last monster!

Fast Battles, Play Anytime
Battles are designed to be fast and exciting. Duel against other players and defeat them in 3 minutes or less!

From Anywhere, Against Anyone
Join guilds or make foes all over the world on our worldwide server!

Diverse Cards, Obtained Quickly
Earn hundreds of cards easily with daily quest rewards, arena rewards, tournaments, contests, giveaways and more! Each card has its own unique identity, discover what fits you!

Simple Mechanics, Easily Learned
With only 3 positions on the game board, and an innovative auto-attacking system, get right into the gameplay. Use tactics and wits to masterfully defeat each opponent with mechanics picked up in minutes!

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Twitter: @CardMonsters
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Minimum Requirements
Resolution: 800*480
Storage Available: 500 MB

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Android Version
4.0.3 and up
Content Rating
USK: All ages
Installs (Google)
100000 - 500000
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Alex 4
This is a very good strategy card game. It contains very good gameplay and relatively fairly balanced cards and abilities. I do feel, however, that the crafting system and guild system can be greatly improved upon. My personal recommendation for the crafting system is to make runes and other card upgrading materials more obtainable through arena battles, maybe as a bonus for having a good win streak or something like that. As for the guilds, I would recommend guild missions where members of a guild would participate in an event fight where damage is "conserved" post fight from each guild member. The goal would be to eliminate huge creatures through teamwork while also rewarding those who participate. This would make guilds much more interesting.
Xero 4
I do love the game. I find this game very unique and i think that's why i enjoy it so much. It is not perfect, yet, so I'm not going to rate it 5 stars. It still has bugs e.i. the caps lock bug. The only con about this great game is that events a.k.a. the tavern, can be ridiculously difficult for new players.
Robert 4
Good game so far. Just wish there was a way to earn gems/crystals for free to play players. Like win 10 games in a row get 20 gems. Something like that would bring more people and competition to the game. A penalty system for people who join a game and leave ie a 5 min wait before you can join another game. Just some thoughts
Eric 3
Crashing has considerably increased, i have lost more than 20 games just bcuz of the crash. Earlier, gave 5 star. Now, i'm forced to give 3 stars. I love this game. Please fix this. And yeah, now even i cant even play in the arena, its starts searching for the players and a while later it returns to the main menu. Fix it ASAP.
Ben 5
Thank you for continuing this wonderful game. I hope you pay homage to the original, but understand you will put your own stamp on it. I'll enjoy seeing what you create on your own, and transfer from the original. (Swarms, or a campaign for grinding. More cards from the expansion packs like conbra, or cards with invincibility and explosion)
I typically spend most of my gaming time on PC or console, and it takes a GREAT game to pull me away from those two systems. Card Monsters is a great game. I've been playing it SO much, even over my PC and console games. Highly recommend it.
Aaro 4
Overall great game but for some reason after about 5 minutes of game time it crashes. I already submitted this problem. I putt the game on 2 tablets so far to make sure it wasn't on my end. But for some reason on tablets it crashes. Can't wait for a fix and after, garentead. 5 stars
Rob 5
As promised, I will amend my review. This game has now got a five 🌟 review. I brought up an issue with lag and force closing and didn't want to uninstall because I loved the game. I left a stern review and the developer replied. Good start, after that, they updated the game. It does still have bugs and still force closes from time to time but there has been a vast improvement showing me that they love and believe in their game, not many Devs can say that. So good job. Couple of ideas though, can you write the programming that pauses the game during a lost connection, after a force close it takes a while to restart and by then, the game is lost & can you give us a easier way to open single packs of cards without selecting to reveal each one at a time.
Sajan 5
This is the only card game in playstore that got me addicted. Simple, fast paced and clean graphics. Unlike the other card games out there.. is does not have complicated setups and we can just dive in and fight. Highly recommended 👌👍 A few suggestions to team : 😊😊 What I would like to see in future : + Guild quests -> Guild points -> guild levels -> guild store gifts / cards + When trying to craft.. it shows only in picture what items are required. It doesn't explain what the items are .. not even the name of it. Downsides : - Caps issue in chat - After we message in guild, the messages does not appear in the guild screen at times. After restart it works fine. - Quests get boring very soon. Something like Quests which grant guild points could be a good motivator
Trey 5
I usually play games for about a week and then get pretty bored, and get rid of them. But this is the best card game that I've ever played out of all the other ones I've tried. It is fun, fast-paced, and exciting. I love this game!! It's a must get!!!!
Jake 4
Honestly think that this game is a 5 star game. It ridiculously good, however the lack of options is the weak point atm seeing as the game just got out of beta, but the developers are constantly checking in their game so I highly suggest anyone that plays Stick around for a while. I'm just waiting for more to do with guilds. Also, I wish there was a crystal forge. You sit on so many common crystals you can't possibly use them all. literally get hundreds in a few days would be good to get like 50 common to get a rare, then 100 rare to get one gold and 150 gold to get a legendary


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