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Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Sensei's Story (iOS, Android)

Description & Details

Thrilling mix of two game genres - Fighting & RPG. Prepare to fight with shadow!

** New story chapter! **
** No Ads! **
** No energy! **

The best fighting series on mobile has returned and become even more SPECIAL - Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition!!

Now it's your turn to meet Titan in person and put an end to his terror. Walk through the Gates of Shadows into the dangerous world full of memorable fights and brave heroes. These lands are waiting for a risky adventurer to appear and save them from the oppression of a sinister invader from another dimension! Discover a thrilling mix of two world's most popular game genres - Fighting & RPG. Gather a huge arsenal of lethal weapons, combine your gear and upgrade dozens of skills and moves!

- No Ads!
- No energy restoring. Jump into the fray anytime and anywhere you want!
- Unveil a truth behind Sensei's past in a whole new story chapter!
- Complete the story mode without grinding!
- Equip yourself with a huge amount of weapons and armor. Get a lot of gems through battles and make your arsenal even more larger!
- Travel across 7 distinct provinces and force to terrify Titan himself!
- Simple controls is designed for touch screen usage. Shadow Fight 2 is easy to play but hard to master!
- Astonishing animations and unique design!

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Latest Ratings

Akash 1
Its like old version. Still wondering why you guys named it as a Specail Edition??? It was better if u added this game features to the old version of your game. Really Suffering by watching this type of efforts from your side. I am fan Of Nekki. And in the rply pls dont tell me that this game is ad free. Common you guys shoulf have better replies. Waiting🔨 Need a reply from your side.
Ripunj 3
This version doesn't have online stages like Volcano and other monsters, it also doesn't have any option of Enhancements for weapons like in the Normal version. And the other thing is it also doesn't have Ascension battle. But apart from that yes you can earn a lot of gems, you can buy premium weapons easily, you can experience Sensei's story. There is no ads in the game and also you will have Unlimited Energy. I really recommend the developers to add other features like in the normal version.
TheGameTube 4
It's very fun and challenging! Easily the best fighting game on Android! But the thing is, I can't seem to enter the store after defeating Widow and can't fight anyone in the Shogun chapter at all! I kinda exited the game straight after defeating Widow so if it is my fault, I would gladly restart but if it is not and actually a glitch of some sort, I hope you guys can fix it! Thanks!
R 3
I thought it is the best version when I installed it but now I feel I have wasted my money on it. Rating first time for any application. Start with enchantment well it doesn't work after few fights. Against Titan it never worked played Titan almost more than 20 times but lost. Please provide enchantment on all weapons and please update some more stage like underworld it would be more interesting then. Gems has no use after you reach at max. Please consider it. I just want to remember it with good memory because I have never spent my money on any game. So you can think it by yourself that how much this means to me. Thanks.
Abdul 1
After the last update all my game progress is lost and what the benifit of linking with Google Play Games, the game not restoring my progress. I just beat butcher and waiting for wasp scenario to download but no download starts. This game is good and graphics are awesome but basic features like progress syncing is not implemented properly.
Shashank 1
There is a problem in the game while loading. Since the last update crashing has been fixed but not the too long gaps between stages even in survival mode. And also there is a problem with the character control. Fix this and am teady to give 5 star.
Chris 3
The game is alright, it's almost the same as shadow fight 2 (free version) exempt missing some stuff that make shadow fight fun, and that is enchantments, and eclipse. The game is easy, which its fine on some parts like less grinding, practice on getting good on the game and now trying out all the weapons you really wished you wanted to use when you played the free version. But for a skilled player, it kinda boring, and that's what I'm feeling on some parts on the game, this would be fix by adding eclipse mode. No multiplayer, don't mind at all really, it will be unfair anyways so I understand why there is no multiplayer. Not many major bugs, so far what I experience is some items like the sphere that you get when you finish a boss won't show up, like I said nothing major. The question is should you buy it? If you in it for easy gameplay, no wifi needed and extra storytelling, yes go for it. If you don't care about the extra story and want a challenge, multiplayer and enchantments, just buy unlimited lifes on shadow fight 2 (free version) because it's the only option for right now.
Saurav 2
putting in the online features like volcano and fungus, and the enchantments would have been more amazing...... Its like we are just fighting to earn gems and go to the level of Titan..... I really loved the original version of it though there was difficulty of getting gems......
Alex 4
This game is amazing, but the Titan fight is IMPOSSIBLE. One hit with his sword, and he's back to full health! There sre some combos that are impossible to dodge and can kill you instantly. Make it easier
Muhammad 4
Its a good game. But.... can you please include the underworld? Because I dont want to download two shadow fight if I want to play the raid. And btw, everything is still fine.
J 3
The game glitched and wouldn't let me go to the store or any other thing than the survival and lynx in act 1. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it started me over. I've had to start over 3 times now. Not doing it again


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