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By Day7 Category Simulation #10

Description & Details

Do you want to be pretty?If yes, come visit us at the ‘Beauty Rental Shop’.

When people see me, they say,

“…Ugly Witch, so annoying.”

But at that moment, I found a shop by fate, ‘Beauty Rental Shop’

Variety of ingredients are mixed to make an Elixir,
Stars of the Milky Way or even Barbie Doll's Spirit,
By drinking this Elixir, I can always change my look to a pretty face I want.

★Plus, The 4 Men and Their Secrets Behind Them! ★

“Toby Lowell” – Who is scared of Full-Moon
“Lucian Vasilis” – Who keeps falling asleep due to Narcolepsy.
“Soren Rayne” – Who cannot leave the Dark Forest
“Kylar Xander” – Who cannot hide his shyness

They look normal from the outside,
but our fate is extraordinarly special.

Do you want to be pretty?

Aren’t you curious, who we are?

If yes, come visit us at the ‘Beauty Rental Shop’.

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Latest Ratings

Akame 3
I like the way it is different than the other otome games. Like it's game style and the story is unique. But I didn't 5 star it because when I bought 500 gems I "didn't receive" it. PLEASE FIX THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE OR AT LEAST ALLOW REFUND!!! 😭😭😭 Edit: When I try to buy again, it worked. But please let me still have that 500 gem 😢😢
Silver 5
I love the game and artwork! I've played day 7 games before they're all good and recommend checking them out very unique from other graphic novels or otome games. But I do suggest working on translations more because they're a little confusing from time to time
Circle 5
I honestly love this game so much 💕 The stories are free, the graphics and music are amazing, and the storyline is interesting too. I usually just uninstall visual novel games after I finish most or all of the endings, but this amazing storyline, combined with the clicker game concept AND being able to dress the MC up is definitely worthwhile! I also don't really mind the ads because we could earn gems from it ☆\(^ω^\)But sometimes I wouldn't be able to open the app, even though it was working perfectly fine like just a second ago. This is pretty troublesome, because I've already bought something in the app, and I haven't finished the game yet, so please please please fix this!!
Jacqueline 5
Having fun with this game so far, it's a good time killer and pretty simple. Translations needs a bit of work but it's not terrible to the point that you can't understand what they're saying. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to updates (Or at least I hope this gets updates every now and then)
pffftmin 5
i usually don't play these kind of games but since i saw the art (the guys especially), i thought why not? and downloaded it. besides, so many people like this game. when i first opened this app, there was a few times where it glitched. but other than that, everything's awesome. i really like the art and the different personalities each man got. i was really sad when i couldn't choose the 2nd man😢. but toby's pretty handsome and funny 💕
polaire 3
the graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is fun. but the translation is not good, and i hate how skott (the cat) talks. its really annoying and takes away from the experience imo
Lilith 4
Good so far, I just really don't like the broken English it's annoying to read. It sounds like one of those owo texts from people who try to talk "cute" but its just weird.
Hai 3
This is a worse version of previous Day7's games. I was so excited about the new release and bought the package, but it is quite disappointing. I just finished Soren's route, but so far there are lots of plot holes, chemistry doesn't really make sense, and most importantly, in the end it has nothing to do with the beauty elixir or MC being a witch. Bad translations, after Sleeping Delivery, I was really satisfied with the improvement, and now I'm confused. Although Marked by King B's has the same issue, the stories make much more sense and way more fun than this. Furthermore, I don't know how to get the Ending 2 (seems like a Bad Ending), I tried to take off all clothes and get worst answers, but only got Normal Ending. Even though I haven't upgrade other outfits, it still says that Normal Endings are expected. What did I do wrong??? Please help me explain this, I'm very disappointed with the money I spent on this game. It's such a pity because I loved your previous games, and I have always been looking forward to your new releases.
Haruka 5
I love how this game is so addicting and how it's different from other otome games. Thank you people who make this, the only thing is that sometimes I'm confused to where to go to but its fun in any other ways
Just 4
not giving 5 stars bcause of the spelling... it's somehow confusing me sometimes... but still a very good game
Random 5
Love this game and I've player other Day7 games but the story line on this is amazing like the others. Keep the good work up and do games like these please 😄

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