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Kingsman The Golden Circle Gameplay ( iOS / Android ) HD

Description & Details

Prove you have what it takes to be a real Kingsman.

Be recruited as a Kingsman agent! You'll need to pass your training by completing Merlin's virtual simulation. Step into the shoes of Eggsy, Harry, Roxy, Merlin, and many more, each with their own style, skills and gadgets, and save the world from the hidden threats that lurk within.

Prove you have what it takes to be a real Kingsman. In Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game, live out Kingman's greatest battles in a brand new puzzle action game!

-----Kingsman : The Golden Circle Game Features------

FUN and FRESH new puzzle action game!
Play Kingsman to make matches furiously in real-time! In this brand new game genre, make matches quickly before the enemies take you down, interrupt bosses with your timing and skills, and utilize quick-time events on the puzzle board.

CHALLENGE over four different game modes! Fight iconic villains in Story Mode, put together a team to challenge other players in Bounty Battle PVP, partner up with your Kingsman mentor to complete missions for the agency in Tag Team mode, and battle endless waves of enemies in a daily Event mode.

CUSTOMIZE and UPGRADE your team of agents!
Choose your favorite outfit and loadout for each of your agents. Pick from a variety of suits that alter your character’s skills, then upgrade and augment their gear, guns, and gadgets to guarantee success in your next mission.

MARVEL at the incredible action!
Make a great match and watch as your favorite agent delivers attacks that brings the crisp, amazing quality of the action scenes of the movies.

Intense PVP Action! Real-time combat -- multiple PVP modes to suit your style of play, each more fun and strategic than the last. Have a blast as you rise through the ranks and prove to everyone that you have what it takes to truly join the ranks of the illustrious Kingsman.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game features all your favorite characters from the first and second movie, wrapped up in a compelling, never before seen action puzzle game. Download for free today and experience Kingsman action now!

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KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Latest Ratings

Karma 3
I getting tired of this, after the recent update, I can't even open the game anymore as it is stuck at the JB screen(more specifically, at loading resources part) I have a good wifi and enough storage place and I miss 2 days of login reward because of this, u guys gonna pay?
Storm 5
Really loving this game now Amen collecting all characters! Addictive in many missions! Bravo xx
Laras 2
i cant get passed jb loading screen especially the loading resource part and i have a good connection. please fix it
Shawn 5
The game has many interesting aspects like pvp and the bounties. Always has something new and fun to do.
Lee 5
Great addition to the kingsman world, great graphics, easy play and fun
Mav 4
Really like this game. Graphics are pretty good! And the gameplay is simple but it doesn't get boring easily. It's actually kind of addicting! I love the events mode most of all. It's the first thing I open when I get home to a reliable internet connection BUT I can't open the game anymore? It says it's downloading but it has been 30 minutes and it hasn't even moved! Can I get a little help here? I'm scared I'll lose my game and I just unlocked Harry last night too! :(
Sara 1
I wish I could play this. Unfortunately when I start the game I see nothing but a black screen for almost 20mins. Only once have I started the game, waited through the black screen to see gold Rob's floating and swirling around the screen. After that, that is all I get no matter how long I wait.
Franz 5
The graphics is good if a bit... dated. Gameplay was a bit confusing at first but I'm getting the hang of it. Would be nice if they could streamline the text and all the various bits and bobs to something more modern looking. But overall it's pretty good
Chandra 5
The game itself is, of course, awesome because its a game of the one of the best movie series out there. Upgrades are needed (it kind of skips) but that won't stop me from playing!!! Love it! Keep up the good work!
Sawyer 5
Other than some of the load times being a bit on the lengthy side (mine is set to download content versus streaming so that is likely the culprit), I have loved killing time with this game. It's easy to lose track of time while playing.
Lorna 2
I would have given this game a 5-star rating except it doesn't load anymore. When I open the game, the only thing I see are gold specks floating around since the update. I do wish it were easier to make combo moves and the tutorial doesn't really explain how that works, so I just kind of move my finger all over the board until I see something good. But most of time I ran out of time and ended up with a poor combo that deals very little damage. So, for now I'm going to uninstall it since it is such a large file 579MB and wait for a while then I'll try again. Hopefully it will work and I will give it a better rating.


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