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Discover, collect, trade, and breed over 35,000 unique frogs, anytime, anywhere!

Discover, collect, trade, and breed over 35,000 unique frogs, anytime, anywhere!

- Trade frogs and habitat items with friends
- Breed a diverse and unique collection of frogs
- Play anytime, online or off
- Beautiful graphics
- Customize and decorate each of your frog habitats
- View your friends' habitats and frogs
- Different in-game items available every day
- Explore the pond to find rewards and discover rare frogs

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2.3.3 and up
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Ren 4
I've had this game before and loved it. I'm curious about what happened to the achievements, as I loved finding out I completed them. Also, I seem to be having an issue with visiting my friend. They live in Australia, and have no problems visiting me, but when I click on their name, it tells me there's been an error and won't send me to them. If level matters, they're lv 1 to my lv 4.
Shayna 4
I'm sooo glad to have this on my android phone. I loved it when I had my iPhone and love it more now. So much better than the other one that had the spinning Lilly pads. But where did the "catalog" where u could save rare frogs to it and buy them later. Also it's kind of difficult to level up to get more frogs. Otherwise I love it.
Leah 3
Love this game and glad it's back but would love to see it back at its former glory. Please bring back achievements and ogre features as other users have requested. Maybe add the ability for users to request frogs from other users, I'm not sure if that was a possability on the old version.. I couldn't figure out how to do that if it was possible. Will rate more stars when old features return.
StoneWarrior101 4
I love this game and loved it on my ipod as well but im having a problem with my beginning frogs. I dont know if its a bug or what but my frogs are a different color every time i come back from the pond. I even check the stats and they are the same as if its the same frog but the name changed with color like its different. I dont really mind its just confusing and i dont want to lose any good frogs i have from breeding if they just up and switch on me. Hope it gets fixed otherwise i love it!
Emily 3
Keep developing this game please. Thanks for bringing it back. I shall add more stars when the app has developed further towards completion. It needs a lot of tender loving care to get it back to its former glory and surpass. I found out about the game's return through Amino app Pocket Frogs. 👈 is a growing community celebrating the return of Pocket Frogs and giving support to the game.
Katrina 4
The game is almost as good as it used to be. Its missing a few things, but its still awesome. I am waiting to acquire a chroma or glass frog. I have almost finished the entire first breed without those two! Update: Thanks to the friendly people off this app I added as a friend and sent a frog. So happy now. :) Friend code is 5TG5 feel free to add. :)
McKenzie 4
I was beyond ecstatic when I found Pocket Frogs had been released for Google Play. However, I find that each time I come back from the pond, my frogs are a different color. I started off with a green frog and a brown frog, then the green changed to pink, and now it is purple while the brown is red. Not quite sure what's going on there.
Kevin 5
The frogs are so adorable!Great game But I'm not sure how to add a new habitat and sometimes my frogs change color randomly. Like i have yellow frog,but when I come back from the pond it turns into a orange frog. please fix this. Keep on the good work:)
Erin 3
I love this game, but in the latest update, the ability to breed rare frogs of higher levels given to you by others was removed. The game is already difficult to advance in, and the harder it is to level up, the less time people will invest playing. I don't feel that it's fair to remove this feature, whether glitch or not, when it's already been allowed since the game's re-release. Please reconsider allowing this again.
Lydia 4
Could someone please send me a glass chroma anura or one like it? Im dissappointed that trading is so far the only way to get the rare colors on android. This was always my favorite game on the ipod touch! Thank you kind strangers 😊 my friend code is 6F8T
Krystal 4
I like the game, the frogs are cute and I love seeing the different designs. The sets are almost impossible to complete because they are made up of rare frogs. And there are no more mini games like racing and such, so I feel like the game has no actual point. No extra games to win, no collections to complete, it's just a breeding for fun game.

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