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Supporting a safe and fun environment for your child’s gaming experience.

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls™ is a free app for smart devices to keep you engaged with your family's gaming activities on Nintendo Switch.
◆ A Nintendo Switch console with the latest available system version is required to use this app.

This is recommended for people worried about things such as:
1. Is my child spending too much time playing games?
2. What kind of games is my child playing?
3. Are the games my child is playing age-appropriate?

Below are three special features of the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app:
1. Monitor play time on your console.
Set a play-time limit and the console will notify users that the time limit has been reached.
Parents and guardians can check the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app to see if the time limit has been followed.
It is also possible to suspend gameplay automatically when the play-time limit is reached.

2. Check up on your console's gameplay.
The summary function allows you to easily see what games have been played on the console recently and how much time was spent playing each day.
View daily reports and monthly summaries of play activity. If you choose to receive push notifications, you'll be notified when a new monthly summary is available.
It's an easy way to see what kind of games your family is interested in.

3. Restrict console features.
Nintendo Switch functions can be restricted to prevent the console from playing games above a certain age rating.

◆ An Internet connection is required to use this app. Cellular data may be used. A Nintendo Account (for ages 18 and up) is also required.
◆ Restrictions to Nintendo eShop purchases can be set from Nintendo Account settings.
◆ Your use of this app is subject to the Nintendo Account User Agreement available at
◆ In order to make use of all of the features and settings available in the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app, all registered Nintendo Switch consoles need to be using the latest system version.

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    (9 months ago)

    The Nintendo Switch officially gets released tomorrow, but Nintendo is prepping by releasing the Switch Parental Controls app for both Android and iOS users. The app does much what you'd expect allowing parents to limit how long kids can play games on any given day, limit what age rating games can be and more. However, the video that accompanies the release is very interesting to say the least...

Latest Ratings

dave 2
Needs remote control and ability to lock from phone. Needs ability to see multiple profiles up with different time limits. Needs each profile to have it's own pin. If you make these essential changes I would give 5 stars. Right now this feels more like an afterthought.
Kohi 5
I use it to keep track of all the little details on my switch, which games, how much, etc. Great info with a lot of detail and control over the console. I haven't found this feature, but if it could have a remote lock for the console, in case of theft. That would be a very useful feature and would make the app that much more useful.
This app needs to be improved so that with 3 children in the household, each one should have their own timer, not a global timer. One child plays longer and doesn't let other know that they are cutting into another's time. VERY frustrating without even a warning given of some sort to divy up the time. App is good but primitive...needs more flexibility.
Don 5
A real life-saver, I have a 4 year old at home and he really likes to game, sometime way too much. I loved to shutdown his playtime and sip a cup of coffee and laugh. I hope other parents like myself get this app to control those little bundles of "love" we hold dear.
Marty 4
Hoping for more stats. I would really like to see a total play time that reflects game only time no menu time added per game per user and a more accurate timing system. I'm using this app more as a gamer than a parent watching their kids and enjoy knowing how much game time I have gotten for the money spent thanks
Rafal 5
It's a great way to set parental controls. Would be nice to add more time to switch play without having to be on the switch. Perhaps a request sent to device feature.
Jeremy 5
Works great, I can control use from anywhere. Wish it would have the ability to specify which sub-account to lock as well as the ability to fully lock the switch down instead of leaving 15 minutes as a buffer.
Kelbe 4
I'm glad to have this app but would like next update to include a timeline of when it was used; not just total time. Thanks
Karan 4
Great app,I use it to see how long I've played each game but otherwise it's pretty intuitive. Would be better if there was an option to connect directly to the switch instead of having to connect to WiFi. Also there should be a way to name switches. Switch no 1,2 isn't very easy to understand/recognize
Fudfood 3
I use this app to track my game time. Not the intended use but it's the only way to get a summary of my game time and to see how much I have spent...looking at you Zelda BoTW >.>
Joey 4
I just have one problem. I can't use it because my Nintendo account says I'm not 18 (which is true). But the thing is that I want to at least be able to see Skyrim's page on the E shop.


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