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Drop Wizard Tower Android Gameplay

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Bring back the joy of arcades in this action packed, fun fueled platformer.

The Shadow Order have captured all the Wizards in the land and they have the ancient egg too. What is a lone Wizard to do? Break free, defeat the evil shadow order and find that egg of course ...Hmmm I wonder what's inside?

Bring back the joy of arcades and join Teo and his wizard friends in this action packed, fun fueled platformer.

• Ascend over 50 floors jam packed with traps and enemies!
• Unlock new wizards with unique stats, magic and abilities.
• 8 Epic Boss fights! full of nasty surprises.
• Experience hazard filled environments - Water temple, Frozen larder, Wizards Lab and many more!
• Easy one handed controls. Perfect for on the go play!
• Randomised levels for replay! No two playthroughs are ever the same.
• Collect the missing pages from your almanac and gain insight into monsters and lore. Can you find them all?
• Catchy head bopping chip tunes. You will be humming these for hours!
• Uncover the mystery of the 'ancient egg'... I wonder what's inside?
• Leader boards and Achievements for replayability

-Important information-
This game contains third party advertising and cross promotion for other nitrome games, both which can be removed via a one time In App Purchase.

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Latest Ratings

Lovely game! The devs have clearly been inspired by the Taito classics of old. Bubble Bobble anyone? Hard to fault. My only issue is that the more I play the more it starts to slow down until it eventually becomes almost unplayably slow. (I'm on a Galaxy Ace 3). Hopefully this could be fixed? Still absolutely a 5 star mobile game for me, though :)
Cormac 5
Beautiful retro style game. Great gameplay, music and controls. Everything you could hope for in a retro game app. Music epic. I'd rate 10/5 if I could hit it only let me choose 5! Love the levelling up as well. Great game!! Ps love starting from level 1 every time. Proper retro style. For all who complain, there wasn't checkpoints back in the day. Welcome to real gaming!
Silver 5
Five star the game is lovely great story and characters but what do I do when the egg hatch not telling you all what's inside but still do I have to finnish it with Teo then fight that egg thing ... Don't know but I will let you know when I Finnish it. P.S Mia sounds too high pitch to even make that girl noise.
Joshep 4
Game is great. Graphics are on point and music is cute. Everytime your character lands it shoots. Simple. My only complaint is that I hate starting from lvl 1 again and again. It ruins gems like these. So I would suggest adding a checkpoint feature on floors 20 and 35 for each character because ive noticed each character has their own enviroment. So when you get a game over you would have the option to restart from floor 20 or floor 35 (if you have reached them) or use a revive. And when you come back to play another day then you could continue from floor 20 or 35. Im uninstalling until we get this feature. Il miss this gem of a game. P.S. Bubble bobble+Super mario bros arcade game
Brian 2
Not quite optimized for mobile like the others with on screen controls. Weird shooting system is inconsistent and wonky. Great graphics and animation as always, but design principles are a little lacking here. Neutronized games seemed to have lowered overall game quality.
Gamer 5
Oh! another gem from Nitrome. i know they published it but the nuetranized team nailed it. Big fan of both the teams here.The music is so good it is playing in my head all the time and the levels are short and this game has high replay value and the boss battles are quite tough. My highest is level 13. Highly Recommended.
Ratan 3
Annoying gameplay, it's hard to even shoot which path and you have to struggle left and right to wait for an enemy to move your path to fall. Overall the graphics are good, but the gameplay feels off from the retro nostalgia
Brendan 4
Great game but get rid of the dam ads or at least give an option to give you skills to watch ads. Deleted it cuz the ads interrupt gameplay
Carl 5
This is kind of like Bubble Bobble, first of all. Still, two thumbs up. The content is pretty limited but the fun factor is there. Had to remove the ads and play for hours to evaluate the game. It's enjoyable. Decent. Although I appreciate that you can exit and resume, this needs cloud save support.
Chema 3
Heavily inspired by Bubble Bobble, but have no fear, it doe NOT share the outdated gameplay and it is perfectly tailored for smartphones to boot, the music is catchy and the sound effects are pleasant to the ears, the spritework is colorful and easy on the eyes; unfortunately there is no way to make it premium besides removing ads, game currency requires either lots of grinding or shelling out some real cash If there was an item to increase gem acquisition, it would be great, but as of now, this game is not for me =/
Maria 5
great game! brought back some memories... would be great if you could add the option for the wizard to stay still if a button isn't pressed.


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