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Start and expand your own café!

Start and expand your own café! Grow fresh ingredients on your organic farm and cook hundreds of dishes from all around the world! Upgrade your kitchen with new appliances and invite your friends to join the fun! All that and much more awaits you in this exciting FREE time management game!
Do you fancy cooking classic American meals, do you obsess over the intricacies of exquisite Japanese food, or do you prefer the delicious aroma of Italian desserts – then you're in for a treat! It’s your chance to shine, so turn up the heat and cook mouthwatering burgers, spicy-hot pizzas, crispy fresh salads and delightful pastry – the possibilities are truly endless! In need of gourmet ingredients? Then roll up your sleeves and cultivate your personal eco garden to produce first-class organic vegetables, fruits and grains! Upgrade your kitchen with dozens of modern appliances and elevate your cooking to great new heights!
Sounds good? It gets better! Help your guests feel at home by choosing from a vast variety of decorations and enhancements for your cafeteria, then go online and share your accomplishments with your friends. Better yet, invite them to visit your unique bustling establishment, filled with lovely flavors, amazing aromas and most importantly – a wonderful mood. After all, it's called Happy Café for a reason!
It’s lovely, it’s happy and it’s totally FREE! Don’t hesitate, just jump right in – the sunny tropical paradise awaits its chef!
• Start your own café!
• Create delicious new recipes and explore numerous international cuisines, including American, Italian, Japanese and many more!
• Set up your own organic farm and grow first-class gourmet ingredients!
• Decorate your café to your liking!
• Cook burgers, pizza, sushi, salads, and other meals from a huge selection of more than 100 recipes!
• Upgrade your kitchen appliances, expand your territory and invite your friends to help you!

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Marisa 3
Game is fair only what I really dislike about it is that you cannot pick from your from your farm when barn is full. You cannot upgrade barn if you don't have enough coins or gems. Trying to get currency is hard certain dishes only pay so much and when trying to make more you don't have the ingredients and cannot pick from the farm. So you have no choice but to purchase currency-I speak for several people when I say that we play for fun without having to spend our own money. I was having fun until I encountered this issue, I am currently uninstalling this game. It's just not fun for me anymore.
Grace 3
Cute game. Easy to control. Takes constant attention for cooking and thus gets quite repetitive. Sort of game you play whilst doing something else. The artwork is cute and colorful, and the ethnicity of food and people are diverse. However am curious as to why the Developers have the male characters doing a range of motions whilst waiting, such as checking watches and cellphones, but all of the (overtly) female characters check their appearance in a mirror.
Autumn 4
It would be great if there was somewhat of a storage system for all of my items so I can more easily reorganize my farm/restaurant. Maybe an "edit" tab or something so I can move items easier too. Pressing to hold each and every item gets annoying. Other than that I do like this game.
Devina 5
I really like this game but not happy coz hard to saving up to buy the floor and floor is very expensive. You can see example the best game is Hello Seafood 2 coz i can buy the floor, wallpaper, whatever and me level 74 coz take a easily to saving up. I like this decoration of Happy Cafe because it really beautiful furniture design and cozier. In my opinion, you should fix this game is if remove floor design or furniture can selling and get collect money to saving or buying news. I prefer remove, sell, remove, sell is better than nothing. Please fix this. Thank you
the 4
Better, cozier graphics than most.The feature to farm along side your food business is great. I was hoping for a game you can play at your own pace.This would have been fantastic for that. Disappointingly it is another "idle game". "Idle games" are like plants... they are wonderful to have, but I wouldn't call it a game. Frustratingly, there are also far too many games that are either of the "idle" variety or the fast paced "as fast as you can or game over" variety.The ability to rotate would really help. I would have liked to keep animals as part of the farming (ie cows for milk) to up the cuteness factor even further. There should be a non-Facebook way to play with friends. Not everyone wants to drink the Facebook kool-aid.
Raphael 3
Im starting to love this game. But its difficult to have neigbors. Please do something about this 😞 i hope we can have friends easily by clicking. And its over pricing. Fix this and ill give you 5 stars and i will recommend this game to my friends.. Please fix please please.. Thank you and God bless!
I just started playing this game today I like it, but there are something's I dislike about it. Like the price of coins to purchase something is way too high and it makes it hard to enjoy upgrading. The price to upgrade on the bank is way to high and to purchase extra land is also high. Please work on those coin prices and the gems other then that it's not bad
Sasha_ 3
The game in itself is ok but the prices on everything and the tasks jump to a massive number from a little one. Its hard to buy anything on it and sometimes dont have enough money to even cook certain things or upgrade the barn when its full. And some meals take way too long to cook. Its really hard to save up the currency for anything
amber 3
Its okay.. Dont like how little you earn from dishes when they cost a lot and take a long time to make. Theres no way of having friends unless your facebook friends play. Plus side its quite easy to get gems n kinda cute. 3 stars. Please improve!
Stephanie 2
The game would be alot better if the the items weren't so expensive. You can never make enough to purchase what you need to continue. Disappointed that the tile price increases everytime you level. That is absolutely ridiculous. I should not have to pay 1000 coins for one piece of tile.
Nohar 5
Loving the game even though its ONLINE because it uses less data compared to other games, easy to play at very addictive. My concern is the way the tiles are scattered on the gameplay and each and every item is expensive. Love the game I hope I can save this via cloud.


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