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NTales! Newest Pocket RPG in 2D! Fight to save the Kingdom!

The Kingdom of Lancia is in grave danger! The future of the kingdom rest in the hands of the Child of Destiny. Are you the savior that the Queen is looking for?

Queen Laminia is looking for Kingdom of Lancia's Child of Destiny.
Be one of the last fate for survival. Let's defeat and stop Dr. Deff's evil plans as we play NTales: Child of Destiny!

NTales! Newest Pocket RPG in 2D! Fight to save the Kingdom!

[Game Features]

★★★ Pocket RPG!
► Powerful Action RPG Gameplay in 2D
► Plot Based Quests - Accomplish Impossible Missions!
► Interesting Side Quests - Get distracted with side-quests as you save the world!
► Strategic PvE and PvP Battles!

★★★ Play with Friends!
► Party with Friends! Defeat Boss Dungeon Together
► Create & Join Guilds to Battle in competitive guild war

★★★ Classic Hero Classes!
► Classic Hero Classes - Warrior, Magician and Cleric!
► Evolve to a New Class - Complete the Change Job Quest!

★★★ Fighting in Style!
► Costume! Wings! - Fight in Style!
► Unique Equip and Items - Unlock Set Items, Equip and powerful Weapons!
► Massive Collection - Enjoy various equipment, costumes, weapons and pets!

★★★ Summon Pets!
► Summon Pets - Cute and Powerful Pets to fight along your side!
► Pet Level Up - Visit Pet Island, gather meat and tame rare monsters!

★★★ Various PvE modes!
► Wandering Monsters - battle wandering monsters in Lancia!
► Boss Dungeon - Party with friends and raid Boss Dungeons!
► Infinity Tower - Survive battle infinite monsters on the highest floor!
► Time Dungeon - Get up to 3 times EXP and Gold on these dungeons!

★★★ Intense PvP Action!
► Battle with Players in 1v1!
► Pet Battle to the death!
► Clash in Guild War!

★★★ Discover the Kingdom!
► Over 200 Maps to Explore! Sharpen your skill to defeat the monsters!

You are the last frontier of Lancia. Queen Laminia is looking forward for your great power and skills to save mankind!

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Latest Ratings

Ytteria 5
Ntales, is the best game that consist of Balanced PVP & Pet System and its all about the Grinding. With Simple Graphics as well With Low memory You can play It On any other Device. its Highly Recommended for anyone for those who are looking good Game You can Try Play it now . its Free to Play how ever some Items can be purchased in Cash to Boost up your Grinding and helps you a lot more near to future. its Either or Nor Non Vip Users Can dominate the Battle Field . Click and install Now to proved what im saying :) Were Looking for the Game Future IGN:GZ|ESCaguin
Seiji 5
Finally, a game with optimum speed, it's quite addicting actually. I love the animation and graphics, however, I am still bothered cause I sometimes can't log in to the game, I had to wait for a while for me to get in to the game, if you can fix the problem I much appreciate it, Overall, 5 star for me
Keme 5
the gameplay is so balanced... no more energy needed no more farming tools and be back at retro looking 2d rpg that lets you auto but you can also do the controls ,, so perfect for rpg dudes out there ... Petmalu Lodi one more thing, the game has no bugging advertisement that cover up your whole screen lodi... xD goodbye ads Play Now>.< come join the growing community of Ntales ---- PiM
Lani 5
Best of the best 2D RPG game ever keep it up. Make a guild war then send more gifts and rewards :) IGN:Jhed06
malonne 5
cool game and nice graphic.. less lags.. keep it up! IGN: Proserpina
Sadam 5
Sana pede matrade ang valuable weapon,yun kasi hinahanap namin tulad nung ELGARD game nuon
Mark 1
Dev seems to have a very short budget constant lag, dc, server down etc and etc even though player does not exceed 100player in whole server. This game won't last
Trisha 5
Stress releaser. Exciting stories and cute character esp. Exchange job. Try this!
Purple 3
The game is good but the mobs need a bit nerf of its dmg IGN:PurpleNecro
terror 1
Fix it im paying for this game for vip why icant connect its buffering and cannot connect to the game.
John 5
This game is so great for me , great graphics , great players , great in all..I love this game , quite addicting and i hope this game gain more players.


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