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Tactical card battle MonsterCry Eternal! November Update!! Download NOW!

Get ready for MonsterCry Eternal!
Begins Epic Adventure and Ultimate Battles!

MonsterCry Eternal is a new type of game that combines card battle and RPG.
Collect cards, build decks with different strategies and evolve your cards!
Enjoy intense battles with global adventurers from all over the world through
real-time PVP, Boss Raids and more!

** November Update here!
- Max Level 70!
- World Dungeons & 18 New Cards!
- Tower of Souls 30th Stage!

Intense battle, immersion of growth, and excitement of strategy!
We invite you to the world of Monster Cry Eternal!
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More than 300 fabulous and breathtaking souls!
Every card has their own unique skills. Make them your own!

Assemble your own deck using hundreds of unique and fantastic cards with various kinds of races, classes, and skills into your own strategy.
Rule the battle with your own tactics!

Dominate the time! Experience the thrill of battle with split second decisions that wins or loses the game.
More depth to your strategy with each card's active time gauge!
Be smart and claim victory!

Greed and corruption always put the world into chaos...
Who will save this world?
Dozens of dungeons and hundreds of stages within an intriguing tale of adventure!
What kind of adventurer are you going to be?

Finish the battle before the time runs out!
Do not miss your turn!

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Latest Ratings

Belontiga 3
Compared to most apps in the app store the game is fairly generic yet surprisingly enjoyable so far. Lots of loading issues that at times make the game literally unplayable. Not an amazing game but I would recommend over most of the game's available in the play store.
arko 1
It stuck in plaaay screen download datan 8 % . I have good connection too
timothy 5
I absolutely love the new content keep it up guys
Matt 1
Update has stopped me from playing again !!!!!!!!! Come guys pull it together !!!!!
Bekka 5
I fricken love this game! The cards are beautifully drawn and most of the background scenery is gorgeous. I've only been playing a week and I can't stop. The best card game I've played since Earthcore shattered elements. My only complaint is the lack of events and the same boring dungeons everyday. Everyday day there should be a dungeon for a specific item, etc. But very good so far.
Luke 4
first of all, i'd say the artwork is fansastic. love it. the gameplay is pretty much like TCG and less complicated than Magic, which is good. seems like there are many features that i have not explored yet. one complain though, the deck of 3 card is too small. would be better if we can deploy more cards.
yara 5
Amazing!!! I saw this game as a suggestion and i downloded it and the surprise that i love it! Not like other games it depends on your money and you have no luck! From my first day i had 2 SS cards and 2 S cards! And draws and things depend on luck is fair! I wish you won't become greedy by the time stay like that please Thx for just a lovely game❤
Chris 3
Love the game. EXCEPT one thing. The auto play in the arena. It's frustrating watching your team lose when you know you could have won. For this I give it 4/5 stars. Option for manual play and I would give it 5/5. Post report: I recant the previous statement. Gets really stale after a while. Alot of balance issues. Too many issues to post here. Just another game in the sea of crappy free games.
Le 4
Well put together card game for hardcore (and casual) players alike. I won't waste your time, so here's the things that need to be improved: loading times are pretty long going into a battle, there is some lag when entering the game, and of course we need more SSS cards. Those are my only complaints though, so good work so far. I look forward to future updates :)
Finch 1
👎👎👎👎👎I only have limited memory on my phone but have Android 7.1 which allows me to move all my games to the phones MicroSD card as long as the developers have the option turned on, this developer has the option turned off. So 1 star till you enable me to move game to phones MicroSD card. Sadly will be uninstalling.
Spynebreaker 2
Too much focus on level. Basically upgrading medals, their armor, and abilities mean nothing. It's all about level and leveling after 30 is damn near impossible without dropping cash. Needs some SERIOUS balances.

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