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Build and manage your Assembly Line to make the most profit possible!

Assembly Line - Build and manage your assembly line!

Assembly Line combines elements from idle and tycoon games. You need to build the best assembly line in order to have the most profit possible. There're different types of machines that will help you achieve that, but you must use them strategically.

Become rich as you build the best assembly line ever! The plan is simple: Build resources and then sell them. Start with the initial machine and create basics resources, and use more advanced machines to craft and create more complex resources.

When you go offline the machines will keep working and still generate revenue, so when you come back you will have a pile of money to swim on it. Just like Scrooge Mcduck! :)

It is only up to you how much you can make, Assembly Line is an idle game, but with the combination of tycoon and strategy elements you have a lot of choices in how you will make money.

Assembly Line also offers you an information menu, where you can read information about each individual machine and resource to make the best decision on how you will set up your line.

• 12 different machines that will help you manage your assembly line!
• More than 40 different resources to make and sell!
• 20+ upgrades that will increase your profit!
• Buy different assembly lines, to increase your revenue!
• Earn money even when offline!
• Become rich as you build and manage the best assembly line!
• Not internet required.

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Latest Ratings

Mark 4
I have a bug which stops the money per second not calculate correctly and that seems to reduce money from watching ads, which really speeds up the game at the start. Other than that bug, Iove the game and the graphics. Would be great to be able to move machines after you've built them. Maybe reduce the cost to expand your build area so you can start using some of the other machines without worrying about space efficiency.
Ismatullo 5
This game is great this is the best production game ever But if you add these it will be more better: 1. Make a chat with anyone around the world cuz it will be good. 2. Make missions like make tablet or fully upgrade the starter and give rewards for doing that 3. Aaaaaaaaaand make it little harder 4. Make that you can move things 5. Make more things to craft or things like chocolate maker or maybe pillow maker I mean make more money makers. Please reply. 😃 Note: you don't have to do it if you don't want to. But please do it😁
Jacob 4
I absolutely love this game, totally addicted to it though. I think there should be more to it. I know it's new but already a ton of fun and interesting. I don't really like the limit to certain blocks but it adds a little challenge. I think if goals and more types of blue prints were available it would be worth five stars. I put 4 because sometimes when I go to click on something it clicks on something entirely different and on the other side of the map. The 2nd reason I gave it four stars is it lasts goals and it seems almost too fast paced. I played for a day and had the last blueprint. I think that this game is amazing and I'd love to see more in it. I love it and keep up the awesome work.
Reymart 5
I've never been this excited to play and install a game. My expectations tho, it was met and so i'll rate this 5 stars! The game is so good! A addtion would be a copy and paste a certain assembly line then to paste it somewhere but it would still cost the same money if you were to create the actual assembly. Another is the move feature, being able to move certain stuff in the actual assembly. That's pretty much about it, I really love this game, and I would love to get in touch with the devs!
dakotastacks 4
Great game. Needs more machines for moving and manipulating raw material around. Check out the game Factorio to see what I mean. It has more arms, conveyor belts that allow more specific routes for certain products. It would be awesome to have an arm that only picks up specific material. Also could there be a way to stop the product from running off the end of the rollers. Instead have it back up so you could create a back log of material on the rollers
igor 4
I mean yeah it's no Factorio,it's not very complex and there isn't enough to do right now. But I would say that these things plus the minor Bugs like the screen just jumping around from time to time can be all fixed. So I think that in the next few months this game could really become one of the few games on the Playstore that make fun and are playable without spending thousands of dollars. So pls keep up the great work, because this game has great potential.
Great concept just not sure of the execution. Also buggy, screen randomly jumps around and selects different areas on touch. Would love to see a little more detail and even more controls and machines. One suggestion would be able to move surplus from Crafters if over a scalable threshold. I have tons of other ideas but not sure if this is what developer intended or just wanted a simple stripped down game. Very fun but very easy to produce tons of money and real reward scale for achievements. Would be cool to have even more upgrades or investments maybe?
Ikben 5
Very addictive! The upgrades don't take long to unlock, but figuring out the many ways to employ them is a fun puzzle. The game itself does not set many challenges, but allows you to challenge yourself in interesting and creative ways. It could use some small improvements: such as more micro control over timing and separation of parts on the line. The developer has indicated planned updates so I'm curious for the future!
Guido 5
The game itself is quite enjoyable and easy to understand, the controls are a little buggy tho. The main problem is that the 1:1 ratio of all the machines makes the game quite easy to master. Also the amount of money that you make while you are offline (and the possibility to double it) makes you finish the game quite rapidly. Maybe you should earn no money whatsoever while you are offline and get the opportunity to win a small percentage by watching an ad. Really great game nonetheless. Lookinh forward to get an update and keep playing.
Robot 4
I gave it 4 stars because, there is a limit for the starter and why the starter only give materials? There should at least 15 more! And at least 35 different upgraders and new conveyers and you should add some BACKGROUND MUSIC, thats my suggestion. Graphics are good, just lack of things and music but STILL its a pretty good game!! GOOD JOB OLYMPUS!!! <3. by the way, i forgot to say pls add my suggestions and ill be waiting for that! Thx for making a good game! <3
Robert 3
Too simple. Tv takes 3 seconds... computer 3 seconds... wire 3 seconds... so it makes 1 assembly line efficient but i want to use other tools... no point! Make a tv take longer to build and a computer so i can use the same supply lines but have to move supplies between lines! Other wise supplies are 1:1 for the craft no use for any tools besides what's needed to craft and basic rollers. Might as well remove robotic arm, left right supply filters and timed belt. Also supply storage or transportation between lines

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