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Build your own coffee shop from scratch and be a Billionaire or even more!

Do you love Coffee?
Do you love Business?
or... Do you love them both?

Own Coffee Shop is for you!
Start your coffee business from a small coffee stall in front of the university. It may look small at the beginning, but there's nothing that can't be achieved with hard work and time!
Find unique customers with their interesting life story and brew the best coffee while chatting with them. Learn and strategise how to manage your income and invest it back to grow your coffee shop!

Mai Feature:
- Achieve success! Find the best strategy!
- Meet unique characters with interesting life stories.
- Decorate your shop! Make it awesome!
- Fun gameplay with cheerful story and events!
- Get more knowledge about coffee and barista life while playing the game

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4.0.3 and up
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100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

Nicholas 3
The controls are the problem for me. Most idle trappers let you keep tapping while opening menus or upgrading skills, this generally makes you stop tapping. Plus, every time you activate a skill it tells you about it. I get it for the first time but I don't need the message over and over. Lastly, the warning that you don't have enough coins is getting old fast; we don't need to know we don't have enough coins, no ally people just tap them fast to lvl them fast and move on... In this game it forces you to stop and hit okay on a warning message before you can get back to the game.
Jonathon 2
Not much at all to do in this game; tapping the screen over and over seems more like repeatedly clicking a pen. This isn't much of a game, saying it is is like tapping your fingers and counting how many taps you can manage. I had anticipated this more as a coffee shop simulator, not something you tap while doing a main activity as it won't hold your attention.
Jonas 4
Lovely clicker game, but progress really halts just after getting the purple family. 10b until next upgrade? Put more missions after that one, almost forcing us to buy the 10b for money.
Skilled 5
I think this game is plain amazing! I havent gotten far but it seems really fun. I have got to complain just a little about the gameplay its really slow at the beginning but over time the game gets a lot better and faster. Final thoughts. 4.7/5 stars
Kitsune 2
It's ok till you run out of missions to do. Then even with most of your revenue upgrades high your still waiting forever with nothing to do till you save up to 10 Billion. Ridiculous jump in upgrade price.
Luke 1
First screen asked for language. I clicked English, game started in a different language. No way to go back. Unplayable
Mystery 5
I really like the game but it gets very laggy and it will not open for me now. I'm not sure what is wrong.
Imam 5
Boleh nanya own games. Untuk mau menjual kue gimana cara ngulangin nya biar jual kue
Panda 3
Somehow my gold is in the negative. Otherwise woupd have rated higher
I am Saniya And you have a good day and I will be there at all are fine with the guy who was the guy who was the guy who was the guy I talked about how to do this boy I don't think we will make a note and Anjali you want you doing this app useful in advance so we have never seen one like it is a great with you guys for your help with rt you are you still interested and available to be a great fit I don't think I will have to get back and forth on this one but it was the first
Joseph 5
Game nya seru, seperti nya ada bug pada bapak kemeja putih, setelah di beli dan di tingkatkan tidak memberikan efek apa pun. Thanks


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