ES Parallel Accounts-Multi Accounts&Parallel Space

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Run Two accounts of the same app at one device, create parallel accounts easily!

ES Parallel Accounts is designed for users to log on multiple accounts, including social media, instant message platforms and games at the same time on one device. It would also protect app-using privacy and keep them secure in the device.

ES Parallel Accounts allows users to sign into duel identities on the same device, so that users could easily balance between life and work. By simply tapping on button, it could switch from one account to another one. If you want to keep your work and life separate, ES Parallel Accounts is your best choice. Get Parallel Accounts immediately to manage multiple accounts, protect privacy, and customize your own space.

☆ Sign in 2 accounts of one app on the same device
☆ Easily switch accounts through the app
☆ Independent app-install system
☆ Install apps inside our app and keep them secure and private

*Shadow app feature: Sign in 2 accounts of one app on the same device
Shadow app feature is an app Clone function. It helps users to log in to multiple accounts of the same app, and it will easily balance between users' life and work. Data from both accounts won't interfere with each other. No matter online games or SNS, ES Parallel Accounts provide you the double experience at once.

* Insulated zone feature: Install apps inside our app and keep them secure and private
It protects user privacy by making apps invisible on device with the Insulated zone feature. It makes apps invisible on device through this feature.
It hides users' secret apps without worrying about other people peeking by keeping apps only in secret space.

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I can't add anything every time i click on the add then a screen appears asking for shadow and insulated method then nothing happen i am choosing one option and there nothing happed please resolve this.
Athul 5
I use es apps. There is a problem in this version that is i can't get rid of welcome screen. Pls help
Walter 1
It doesn't work on Android 6 or maybe is due to low quality device!
adzcache 1
Promising, and frankly the best looking parallel account app I've tried yet, however neither shadowing or insulated install work on Android Oreo. Fix this, and I'll give you 5 stars, so long as you keep the ads minimal and non-intrusive.
Ajith 1
I can't add whatsapp. I selected the installation method as shadow but after that it's not showing any options like add or done.
Farooq 3
It don't open chat tab in Viber.... please Solve it
Vicky 3
I can add line but how to add whatsapp?
Facebook and whatsapp not adding
Wiley 1
It is not user friendly, no instructions,adding app menu was as far as I could go. There screen is small and you can't read anything.
Sushanta 5
just awesome.. basically this type of parallal apps problem is lagging.. slow... but this apps is just awesome.. so fast... so easy to access. Again best wishes to ES. GOD BLESS
Jyoti 5
Thank you very much, for creating this app

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