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Collect and Upgrade your Heroes to fight back the Hollow in this Brand New RPG!

Enter the world of Portal Quest, the next generation of RPG mobile games! Gather and lead your team of battle-ready Heroes to protect against a corrupt force! The Hollow is poised to take over the World as you know it. It’s up to your team to wage through battles to hold the Hollow back. Your enemies will only get tougher so assembling the best team of battle-ready Heroes is essential. Summon your team to take down the enemy while upgrading them to the finest Heroes Portal Quest has seen. It’s the only way we will be able to hold the Hollow back and defeat them for good!


• Battle Through the Campaign - Earn gear, experience, and shards to upgrade your heroes by taking down the enemy in 5v5 battles.
• Gather the Best Heroes - Collect and upgrade 25+ unique heroes to build out a full team.
• Choose Your Heroes Wisely - Each Hero has its strengths. Use them against the right enemies and you’ll end up on top.
• Compete in Guild Wars - Join your Guildmates and take on other Guilds in epic battles to defend your Keep!
• Tons of Challenging Modes - Whether it’s collecting unique gear from a dungeon or putting your team up against your friends, there is always a battle to wage.

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Steven 5
The game is great but the wars are bugging out. Every new war the first fight crashes and I lose my energy and hero's for that fight. Dev team needs to look into that and consider a disconnect in war as a retry instead a forfeit. Figure out something where if the game crashes it resumes or restarts that fight. If I keep losing my first fight automatically thatll be the end of this payer
Ehsan 1
Reply: Your chat guidlines might be clear but iron angel clearly doesn't seem to follow them. I pretended to be interested in adding someone and she comes in stating that it's not a dating app and now I can't even start the app because I've been suspended. Original: Worst moderator ever. Account suspended me for telling a harmless joke. IRON ANGEL IS TO BLAME. SHE PUSHES HER AUTHORITY AROUND. I really enjoyed this game too
Stephanie 3
Fun game but having an issue with one of the Elite levels. It keeps telling me "invalid loot" after I beat the level. I've restarted the game and uninstalled and reinstalled the game to no avail. I can't progress in the elite stages now.
Clayton 1
Dude what happened to block boss. Me and my friends were waiting for it but you released it as this like of garbage! Edit: I was way more interested in the Block Boss than I will ever be of this game. We wanted something different not more of the same. This is just like every other "rpg" in the app store. Go back to working on block boss. We wanted an AR game that was unique. I am sad that this is what all that work turned into.
Leo 5
Its fun and simple. I like it cause i can play this while im on break at work or I can sit here and play this for a good couple of hours while watching a movie or tv show basiclly its great cause it keeps me distracted on my spare time.
Ashley 4
A bit too easy for me. But if a person who is smaller than 6 years old played it, then it would be the right thing to play.
Portal Quest is a great game to play on your free time! You can level up/upgrade your heros and items. In the mean time you can test your skills with your teammates in guild wars
Sobutai 4
The game does a great job a being a Skinner Box, always showing you what's next and what you can unlock. Occasionally reminding you of the in app purchases. However it doesn't hamper your enjoyment to not buy premium currency. The gameplay is very rudimentary, you touch the hero's to use their specials, that's all. Once you get to a certain level you don't even need to do that, it pays itself. There are however many different modes that untimely offer the same experience, you just need to select the right hero's to do the job. The graphics are voxel, doesn't look awful, does is job well. Not much to say. Now the major caveat with the premium currency is that the more you buy the more "VIP tickets" you earn, which ultimately just gives you more opportunities to spend more of the currency. Yes, that means of you haven't spent enough money you cannot use all your currency on progression. The only thing that doesn't seem to have a limit is the chests. These chests are basically just Loot boxes, however buying one doesn't garuntee you anything useful, you could just get some armor you already have. No in order to garuntee you a character/shards you must spend way too much currency to purchase 10 chests. So to continue this rabbit hole, the way to unlock hero's is to earn their shards. Almost every hero can be earned by just playing the game. Some you need to be lucky and find in chests. Now, standard chests(silver) nets you barely any shards where as the gold net you an unlock/7 shards (it does not take 7 shards to unlock a hero the seven shards are supplemental if you have the hero and got the unlock in the chest) or a random amount. Now I don't personally know the max rank of hero's, I think it's 5, but to get to 4 it's 100 shards which is a bit ludicrous. So if you've made it this far, congratulations. In conclusion, this game is easily one that can hook you in. Just don't fall for the premium currency trap. It's too random and most certainly not worth it. Just play the game and earn your hero's, paying into this game will make you feel as hollow as your wallet. (Disclaimer: I have purchased the $3 a month plan for a decent amount of drip feed premium currency. I find this to be a good way to support the devs and not get sacked into the bottomless pitt of Loot boxes.)
Harshit 4
Hey guys... I am getting error while playing Dungeon "Follow the tutorial" and unable to play Dungeon
James 5
I love this game. Its really a great game to sit with and kill some time. I love everything about, the upgrades, characters,levels, etc. Keep up the great work !!
Danielle 1
I want a full refund. My account got suspended cause one of my commanders changed the guild name. LUDICROUS

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