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Official Terminator Genisys Future War (by Plarium) Launch Trailer (iOS / Android)

Description & Details

Lead an army of machines or command the human resistance in an epic strategy MMO

Terminator Genisys: Future War is a free-to-play mobile strategy game where the human Resistance is locked in a never-ending war with the machine army. Genisys is destroyed and Skynet is offline, but the future war is far from over. Engage in large-scale strategic warfare and rejoin the struggle between machine and man. Build your base, attack your enemies and pave the way to victory for your clan in tactical multiplayer.

Plarium, developer of the hit titles Vikings: War of Clans and Throne: Kingdom at War, has created a deep strategy MMO in the Terminator universe. Set directly after the events of the film, Terminator Genisys: Future War offers players a chance to reset the future with addictive gameplay, constant action, and massive clan warfare.

With two different playable factions, you can choose to take the role of a Resistance Commander or the leader of Skynet’s Core, and either save the last of humanity or crush it under your cybernetic heel.

John Connor is MIA, and the Resistance is broken. As a human commander, it is up to you to rebuild humanity’s most determined military force, find and recruit survivors to your cause, and stop the machines from reactivating Skynet. Or you can betray humanity and convert yourself to join the machine regiments.

Would you rather play as an unstoppable killing machine? With Skynet’s primary core offline, your secondary protocols are clear. Construct factories, find lost battle schematics and terminate the human threat once and for all. If you feel sympathetic to the human cause, you can decide to reprogram yourself and fight alongside the Resistance.

Both sides are fighting for their lives and defeat is not an option. Arm yourself with futuristic tanks, relentless infantry and devastating weapons - and win the future war once and for all!

NOTE: Terminator Genisys: Future War is completely free to play, but some in-game items can be purchased for real money. You can switch off the in-game purchase option in device settings. You need an Internet connection to play this game.


- Two playable factions, each with its own narrative, troops, buildings and upgrades!
- Intense PvP! Go on solo conquests or join a clan to dominate the map!
- Fight against powerful bosses in solo PvE or joint clan attacks!
- Unlock achievements for great rewards and bragging rights!
- Part of the official Terminator Genisys universe!
- Cutting-edge graphics!

Support: http://support-portal.plarium.com/ticketcreator/store/terminator/?platformtype=android
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/terminatorgenisysfuturewar
Twitter: https://twitter.com/terminatorgame
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/2/106231500110177736688
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/terminatorgenisysfuturewar
Privacy Policy: https://plarium.com/en/privacy-and-cookie-policy/
Terms of Use: https://plarium.com/en/terms-of-use/

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Latest Ratings

Daniel 1
This game could be so awesome. But it's not. And you know why? You have to spend a ton of money if you wanna compete. And there is that thing when you farm somewhere and you get attacked by a few troops and lose your whole army about that. Not acceptable. I am done with this game.
None 1
I asked planrium for support getting access to a second account twice this was over a week ago and I have not got.one reply email from them. Meanwhile, the account was totally zeroed and lost everything. I have had some bad customer service. Before, but to have no reply at all is rediculous. Good game though otherwise. One of my favorites. Just non-existent customer service. I'm hesitant to recommend this game.to friends for this reason .
Jimmy 5
Plarium U done it again. Might be the same game as Vikings war of clans but with different skins but it's another sound game. Good control not much freezing and I'm looking at a war filled time against skynet. Thankyou for this quality game.
Eric 1
Updated. Wow this game is terrible! Landscape is COVERED in low lvl players who have quit! Why are they quitting? Because the only way to advance in this game is to either spend MONTHS getting to max lvl.... Or spend real money to get premium troops. Guess what the top players are all doing? People in chat brag about how much they have spent to become invincible in the game. Are you willing to drop $99 USD a month on some troops? No? Then you will get steamrolled by the people who have and can crush your base and take all you resources. Also the game keeps harassing you to rate it and if you start to rate it low for asking you over and over it tries to direct you to their site instead. I hate badgering for reviews and forcing redirection to artificially inflate reviews. That is some shady bs!
Daniel 2
Sucks, always asking to buy,unfair being overpowered by very high level difference player...needs work...and dont be so hasty for trying to sell me stuff every minute.
Stepan 5
So far the game is looking beautifully crafted and I haven't really been playing that long, I'm happy I've finally Found a game that isn't pushing advertisements in my face so therefore I'm giving an early 5 stars rating until I find something to moan about LOL ... Hopefully and most likely that's not going to happen as the game is what I've been looking for. 5 golden stars for beautifully designed game, will write a full review of the game later :) (edit) i have more feedback for the devs... on a phone the chat text is far too small please could you make the font 1 size bigger or at the very least make it more bold? it hurts my eyes trying to squint at the tiny letters that almost look pixelated lol...thanks in advance (i have very good eye sight... feel sorry for the people that don't lol my device is a moto C + pluse max
The game is good except the support function is just awful. I changed phones and lost my whole game I told support then 4 days later nothing has happened and in 1 more day will not be returning was a spending active player as well but will take my hard earned elsewhere now
Chris 3
It's ok but balance is none existant, you can have an army of 60k and get hit and the other guy loses 3000 you lose everything , units cost ammo every hour but there's no draw back if you can't pay so some armys should be unsustainable large but keep going.
Rudolf 4
Too repetitive. .. gets too boring too quick.. played it only because of AHHRNOLD.. ...
Big 5
That's great time his breaking time to rest and then get looking for the history is a great movie his soundtrack;-)"will be back....,,
Azza 3
Great game, great support staff and good players, unfortunately what's letting this game down is the constant civil wars between dimensions in every event meaning that newer players such as myself are getting bombarded with army's on top of army's from players that are higher leveled from other dimensions, meaning that training troops are somewhat pointless to even attempt and off putting on the game itself. I find it a shame to uninstall since the game has so much potential and yet could be better advertised on TV or on youtube, the staff on the other hand are helpful and friendly not to mention happy to take on your ideas if you have any. But yeah I think there should be a raid/attack level cap on which you can attack players so it gives newer players a chance to get a feel of the game and a fighting chance on other players and not be someone's personal piggy bank when there running low on resources😑.


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