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Lightseekers | Android Open World RPG Gameplay

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Next generation free RPG game connecting smart figures, trading cards and more!

Join the Lightseekers, save Tantos from the invading umbron and become a legend!
Explore beautiful and fantastic lands, meet colorful characters, battle feared beasts and quest to uncover the world’s mysterious past.

Grow your powers through epic gear and new abilities. Collect pets & companions that fight alongside you. Supercharge your weapons with the elemental powers of rare Lightstones and become the most powerful Lightseeker ever! As your hero evolves, so does the world around you. New lands to explore, quests to face, enemies to defeat and powerful gear to equip are added often based on what you, the Lightseekers community, tell us you want.

Add optional smart action figures, interchangeable weapons, motion controlled flight packs and augmented reality trading cards (sold separately) to take your play to the next level! The game, cards, and figures can each be enjoyed on their own, but together they create next level connected play.

Welcome to Lightseekers!

*Smart action figures and trading cards are not required to play Lightseekers
*System requirements: Internet connection and 1GB memory required for optimal experience.

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4.3 and up
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USK: Ages 6+
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1000 - 5000
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Latest Ratings

Carina 4
Supported on Kickstarter and so far mostly good. I have trouble scanning cards however. I keep getting a, "Couldn't identify card" message right before the animation shows up so it doesn't accept the card. Can't wait for the PC version.
Zeon 5
Lightseekers is an awesome RPG, catering to all ages young and old! With an amazing abundant of quests to seek, amazing world zones to explore and quirky characters to interact with. Lightseekers is bundled with a lot of content, filled with various types of Dungeons designed brilliantly to test the skills of any player to whatever level they select. The open world is lush with world characters, enemies, and best of all World Bosses. I cannot stress enough the amount of work that has clearly gone into the game, crafting a beautiful, fully realized world. And there are lots more to come! Simply a recommended download.
Dimitrios 5
I liked​ the game and concept so I funded two separate copies on Kickstarter for me and my son. Support also on a small issue helped resolved it fast and efficient which is really really good for a new product. Now we are ready to dive into the world of Lightseekers and see what we can discover. 😉
George 1
I can only give one star because the game does not start. Only get a black screen after studio's logo comes on.
Arjience 5
Enjoyed the game, had a problem where it would crash at the end of every level and it wouldn't load on my tablet but the game itself was fun and it was nice getting to play it in beta congrats on graduating from beta!
Kellen 3
I can see how some people would really like this game, but it just not for me.
Andy 5
Very glad I backed this on Kickstarter!
Sarah 5
This game is incredible! Highly recommended!!
Chris 1
EDIT: Still having the same issue after todays update Constant disconnects within 2 min of playing over mobile network. I've sent numerous emails over the coarse of the closed beta until now. Since closed beta went live after the kickstarter campaign this has been an issue. I've sent in am the info that has been asked for every time. I've also upgraded devices 2 weeks ago from an S6 to S7 and still can not stay connected. I am done with this game until I can play this mobile game while, well, on a mobile network. And before I'm asked for the 100th time... Samsung Galaxy S7 Android version 7.0 4glte disconnected 4g disconnected
dr 5
Amazing game figures and love how Immersive and how accurate the animation is
Faith 5
I have do many things to keep track of but if I recall correctly, this game is technically currently in open access beta. It's so amazing so far and well polished and it has plenty of time for potential content updates and things. I cant say much else as I am waiting on the figures to try out that aspect of the game.


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