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Redbros (By PLAYHARD) - IOS/Android Gameplay

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Best of 2016 Google Play Indie Games FestivalControl the troops using gesture!

‘Best Game of 2016 Google Play Indie Games Festival'
The best mobile game you've been waiting for is finally out! ‘Red Bros' is an action puzzle adventure game that you play using gestures. No more auto-play games that leaves you bored - command your troop directly with your own fingers! They will be more than willing to follow your orders. Get into the Tower, rescue the heroes caught by your enemies, and defeat the Skeleton King with them!

Control the troops using gesture
Just draw any shape with your finger. Your troop will get into any formation you draw. Come up with your own formation and tactics! You can control more than 20 heroes with a single swipe! Use two fingers to split and send your troops to different places. The victory is (literally) at your fingertip!

Traps? Lure them into the trap!
Traps are usually just plain annoying... But here, things are different. You can use traps to your own advantage. Avoid the traps and get your enemies get in them instead of you! Well done. That's what I’m talking about!

A variety of puzzles!
The Skeleton King has set up a variety of puzzles in his Tower to stop the heroes. But it's going to be a piece of cake for you, am I right? I’m sure it's nothing for... OOPS! Hurry, the traps will set off if you spend too much time!

Amazing Spells!
Meteors! Arrows! Bombs and Teleportation! Get a variety of Spells and kill your enemies - all at once! Drag and drop your Spells to wherever you want, and they’ll be activated! Yup, just like that! Get 10 monsters at once using Meteor! Very Good! Wait, where are you transporting to!?

There are so many heroes to choose from!
There are a total of 47 heroes in Red Bros! With different abilities and weapons, they’ll follow your orders. Meet strong, unique heroes and make your best troop! You’ll definitely find heroes that suit your style.

100 Stages? No, there's more, more, MORE!
We’ve prepared more than 100 stages for your entertainment. Complete Missions on your way, and make your troops stronger. We’ll be adding new stages every month, so don't worry and keep playing this game for a long time. We promise we’ll do our best to keep you entertained as long as you want.


Red Bros is completely FREE to play, with some in-app-purchase options available within the app.

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* If the game does not start, please restart your phone and run it.

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Latest Ratings

ThatUnfunGuy 4
A way to cancel skills would be nice! Quite a few "bugs" or just weird behaviour. Especially when it comes to clicking, sometimes they seem to move the exact opposite way. Seems like it happens if you click outside of their moveable area, like behind a wall. I would think it's obvious I want to move in that direction.
Doge 5
i cant play this game keep black screen and stop working (lenovo a-7000,android ver 6.0 mashmello) ill rate 5 stars if i can play ;) edit 5/20/2017 Atleast I can play. Here u go 5 stars ;)
Derrick 5
I wasn't expecting this game to be as good as it is. Simple controls and stellar gameplay make this one of the most fun games I've played in a while.
martin 5
Dungeons of dangerous foes good game play lots to do.movement is better than trying to get to grips with joystick or toggle stick.great game
Kevin 4
Fun game, great graphics. Just needs some help and description of what things are. (CP, HP, ATK, etc.)
reggie 4
Controls just a bit touchy but I love the game and concept awesome job
Jaleesa 5
Just downloaded and can't stop playing
T. 5
Great dungeon gameplay, original and intuitive controls, smooth progression, no need to spend $ unless you want to. Had a bug issue and the devs were great to work with!
BiggB 4
Its pretty good i love the little guys! If you make a button so you can just control 1 guy at a time id give it 5 stars
Grant 5
Thank you dev for helping me with the black screen problem, here's your 5 stars!
The 5
Wow if there was a little update that you could make that brings the people you save then this will be probably my most favorite game! :D

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