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The most accurate Pokemon, Raid and Gym tracker for Pokemon Go

* NEW: Free Limit Scanning, Gen 3 Ready & Gym Raid Notifications! *
Set notifications and filter the map for Pokemon raid levels and bosses.

PokéTrack is a Pokemon and Raid tracker which notifies you of a rare Pokemon and shows them on the map with IV stats.

PokéTrack Features:
- Shows IV stats for Pokémon on the map
- Shows Raid information
- Set Pokémon and Raid boss notifications
- Shows Gym members
- Send Pokemon and Raid notifications to Facebook, Twitter and Discord
- You can add your own Pokemon icon pack
- Set unlimited search locations to check simultaneously
- Set the notification distance in meters
- Share Pokémon locations with friends
- Navigate to Pokémon using Google Maps
- Add custom notification sounds per Pokémon

With PokéTrack you can locate all Pokémon around you in real-time or see Pokémon found by others nearby for Free.

PokéTrack runs in the background so no need to watch your screen and drain your battery.

*** PokéTrack is not affiliated with the Pokémon Go, Niantic or Nintendo in any way ***

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Latest Ratings

Ryan 4
Is there a fool proof tutorial to use this app? I'm very interested in using it. Most of the time it doesn't work though. I have no idea why but it will work randomly whilst running in the background for maybe half an hour a day and then just stop. Is that because it's a free taster or something.
Ad 4
This is a great app but I wish we could actually set our own password so if for whatever reason decided to use the accounts we could. this would be much better. Much appreciated anyways and I hope it sticks around.
Kazuma 5
It works in "rural areas"!!!! Thanks alot devs. Best used with pokesniper
Jared 4
Wish there was an easy way to shut it off. Other than that it's a great app!
Matthew 5
Price is reasonable and works great
Aaron 5
Helps me catch pokemon. Thats all I require.
Now I can easily find Pokemon. ..thanks to who make this app.AMAZING!!!!😃
anne 1
I can't even see any poke stops. This app doesn't appear to work at all
Graham 1
Doesn't show up any pokemons for some reason
Used for like 3 months and welcome new update. I use the bossland key 550 on about 7 devices no problems. I highly recommend this app because it very customizable once you learn options and how they function. FREE unlimited lures is always a plus 😀
I paid for an hash key, was working fine, had about 7 days left on it, now all of a sudden i cant use it because it says no days left on it???? Please sort this asap as i paid for it!

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