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Your conventional methods of operation are "shoot first then shoot again!"

When serious problems arise a quick and simple solution's their only choice - so they call for you.

Your conventional methods of operation are "shoot first then shoot again!", its never failed yet ! You'll get coordinates, a pager, powerful guns and access to unlimited ca$h! You work on the basis of what you find is yours so fill your boots!

The game supports Bluetooth controllers.

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Latest Ratings

Shane 5
Plenty of killing and DYING to be had. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. It has great pixel art backgrounds, funky music and plays perfectly on my Bluetooth controller. The only issue I had, was when completing the 6th mission the screen goes black and the game is unresponsive. I look forward to the next installment and new location.
Teddy 5
What a great game! It's hard, but in a good way, because it keeps you entertained, and the content is good. I was thinking though about adding local multiplayer, so that your friends can help out, and also it would be a great idea to add different modes like infinite mode, and story mode, and zombie mode, if possible. I know it's a lot to ask, but in the end, I'm here to give suggestions to make it a better game, and I'll even be more than happy to help out in the game developing if possible. Thanks!
Key 3
Please put checkpoint,it's the only problem faced by our fans on the game we have to start all the way from the beginning please respond to us
J 5
Had to rate this asap as you don't often find games on here that are not about trying to force you to give away your heard earned cash all the time. Great work!!!
Cybot 5
Very fun, love the retro style of the it and overall just an awesome game, cant wait untill you release chapter 2
skulls 5
I really liked but pls make a whole bunch of mission it's really extremely fun to play keep up the good work guys
August 4
For you developers, you guys should add a difficulty system because for me, I am new to this game and it's hard for me to concentrate on one Target to another.
Mukund 1
I can't even move there is no controls which I can see and hence it's disappointing
Dark 4
The game cool but too hard should have health meters and boss should have health meter should have checkpoints In level 4 truck don't blast even after 15 mins of shooting
jeffy 5
Please make the buttons so you can fight no guns
Pallav 3
This game REALLY needs checkpoints.


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