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By Raiyumi. Category Adventure

Description & Details

Get back home in this adorable puzzle platformer!

An adorable journey across worlds.

Help Cat Bird on his challenging platform adventure on an epic quest to get back home.

Venture through unique worlds hovering across pits, traps, enemies, and saw blades. Beware of the mighty guardians that block your path.

Join the journey and open your inner meow!

+ More than 50 challenging levels.
+ 4 Epic bosses to challenge.
+ Stylish and stunning pixel art graphics.
+ Achievements and Leaderboards to compete with others.
+ Test your skills in Time Trial mode.
+ Beautiful Soundtrack
+ Show off your abilities with ReplayKit(Android 5.0+)

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2.3 and up
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500000 - 1000000
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Latest Ratings

Chris 5
My favourite mobile platformer yet. Up until this title I was never a fan of mobile platformers owing to the control system and I'll be honest and say I can't even out my finger on why this game nails the method down so well -but boy does this game play well. The graphics are solid pixel art and smooth too resulting in a really fun little platform romp
Over all, I love this game, it's aesthetically pleasing with the back ground, the characters are adorable, it's challenging, and makes me want to continue playing, the music is calming, the sound effects are great, but, it can lag out at times, and make me die, having to restart the level. There are quite a lot of ads, and it does get annoying. Sometimes my game crashes, but that's only when I'm opening the app. But, besides from that, I love this game, and it's probably my favourite game in the app store. It's gotten me in trouble a few times at school tho... But, i'd totally recommend that you download this game if you want a fun time filler, to really get sunk into.
Chef 5
(edit: i dont know if its just me but i beat it 100% in less than a day and i wish there was more) its reminiscent of old school platformers which i love. it reminds me of rayman and klonoa especially with the cute music and pleasig backrounds. its a little floaty but it works for the game. i fell in love with it right away.
Solimar 5
I loved this game and I still do! I just started playing it and it's fun but challenging,, the controls are great, too! The graphics are adorable And so are the characters; my only complain is that the controls could be a bit better because it doesn't respond sometimes to my commands.
Cotton 5
Good game. Even though ithe jump button occasionally malfunctions, still worth 5 stars. Challenging but you can do it after 100 deaths or so(there is a death counter). After 7 hours if gameplay over a few days, i completed it with 1700 deaths.
Kanra 5
There aren't a lot of games with this quality here so good job. Most of them are clicker games and what not but there are games like these that comes from time to time that celebrates the thing I love with old platformers. It's just like dark souls! Just kidding. But jokes aside, the game is kinda difficult without losing the fun in it. The game doesn't have a story or anything like that so it isn't very immersive but it's a very good arcade game for the casuals like me for killing time or just to have fun. And It's free.
Hat333 5
Okay, just going to say that this game is AMAZING. The controls are really easy to learn, the Sprites are beautiful, and overall this game is super cute. The only thing that bothers me is something completely insignificant: the eyebrows on the end game cat bird sprite XD for some reason it annoyed the heck out of me. I would actually PAY for a sequel.
Apple 5
This is one of the best mobile platformer games I've played in a while. The challenge this game brings makes it so fun to play, because after dying so many times you feel super accomplished when you finally win. It truly felt like I was playing an OG Sega game. 10/10. This game deserves more recognition for sure!
Ren 5
Taken at face value this is just a small, very simple, very cute little puzzle platformer game about working out how to get through the small, quick levels without touching any of the hazards (of which there are many). It didn't have to be this lovingly crafted or well put together. What really sets this game apart from so many others is its absolutely ADORABLE and beautifully made pixel-art characters and backgrounds, full of life, detail and heart, its lovely little animations and cutscenes, the ever so precious little noises your fluffy avian-feline crossbreed makes when it totters along the platforms, and the chirpy, pleasant chiptune music throughout the game. None of it had to be this wholesome and beautiful and good and fun and simple. But Raiyumi have made a masterpiece here. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself, and better yet the ads aren't obnoxiously placed. Plus the only in app purchase appears to be a way to disable ads, which costs no more than £1.89 (or regional equivalent). No lootboxes , or coins to keep you playing and able to complete levels, or any awfulness like that. Just good wholesome, genuine fun. Perfect for kids, or those just wanting a cute experience.
David 3
It's a really cute game. I love the graphics, music, and overall design. But it has some performance issues that have made some areas just about unplayable for me. In some of the most dangerous areas, the framerate consistently drops quite low, and it stutters and becomes unresponsive to changes in button presses, hardly giving me a chance to survive.
Savannah 5
Great game and a nostalgic play through of old side scroll games. As a Samsung s5 user I was however very frustrated that often when I tried to jump or move (depending on the way I held my phone) it would hit the back button and would close the game :(


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