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The Wizard's College suspects they might have a little problem...

Twenty-Three years before the horrifying events chronicled in "Solomon's Keep," the Wizard's college first suspected they might have a problem with one of their graduates. A battle mage was dispatched to put an end to this young "Solomon Dark" before he could grow in power...

* * *

In Solomon's Boneyard, you can play as one of seven young wizards, with over thirty skills to master. The game is a survival two-thumb shooter, where you will face wave after wave of undead hordes, while gaining levels and choosing new skills to fight with.

The game comes complete with a high score list, and an innovative perks system that will allow you to grow in power the more you play.

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Latest Ratings

Cyril 5
For heaven's sake. I've been waiting for this game to come on playstore for the longest time. Woohooooo Edit after recent update: Why does the imp summoned by The Unholy doesn't drop anything anymore? (like rings and golds or even orbs?) Max Score as of today: 44,618
Darrell 4
Update completely fixed the letterbox issue. Game is pretty fun, but having to start ALLLLLLLLL the way back at the first wave every single time it's pretty wearying after a awhile. Maybe I'm missing something?
Mark 5
Editing my review up to 5 stars. Very happy that the most recent update addressed a bug that was making the game very tough to enjoy, and changed the perks. I'm grateful to the developer for listening to their fans, which I definitely am. Looking forward to more wizards in the future (hopefully).
Charles 5
Issue regarding perks after update. i need to keep rebuying more perk slots for 1k each(total of 2k) every new game. this kinda defeats the purpose of the permanent perk since now it cost even more for me every game vs the 50% of "perks used in the last game" option before update
Mark 5
Awesome game. Thanks for bringing this to android!
Jeric 4
good. but the sound effects plays in my music player and ads, skill and unit icons shows up in my gallery. :/
Igor 5
As with Solomon's keep, this is a little masterpiece! Keep the good work guys. Love ya!!!
Sam 5
So I think there is still a bug specifically with LG phones that makes it very difficult to buy perks in the store. It seems that there are only a few spots you can tap to make it buy the perk instead of scrolling. Please try to fix in next update love this game! Ok I found a quick fix you have to hold the bottom corner of the screen with one finger to buy things.
Li 3
I loved this game on apple and am super happy to find it on Android now. But recently, I didnt get too far and disnt get too much money yet but wheb i watches an ad for some gold, I lost all my progress and now i have to restart from the begining. Or it is due to an update i dont know. But it kinda sucks to restart
Koland 5
this game has lots of potential, one of the best game in ios now in android. perks are too expensive as they are no longer permanent. im fine with that if the the price is resonable. consider making this multiplayer(2 players only, shaired xp, paused untill both player chosen their skill)? making this work via LAN alone would make me happy
Patrick 3
The perk glitch is trying me nuts I use a LGG6 and the menu when I got to get perks just flys all over the place when I try to click. It's enough to put me off the game. I'd be glad to buy no ads but this is a serious turn off. Once this gets fixed I'll give 5 Stars.

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