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By Realtech VR Category Arcade Action/Adventure

Quantum Revenge (By Realtech VR) - iOs / Android Gameplay

Description & Details

Bringing Mecha anime and manga style super robot shooter to mobile devices.

Quantum Revenge is an addictive shooter blasting action game threatening the existence of the rest of the human race. Featuring breathtaking 3D/2D animation, highly stylized aggressive aliens and robots inspired from the Manga / Anime especially the 'Mecha' heritage genre with man controlled robot fighters.

Now includes full controller support enhanced for NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. New POWER UPDATE with new weapon (Plasma Laser) and Laser Drone !

Key features of Quantum Revenge are:

■ Fight epic battles in space
Battle against large number of enemies and boss fight, in mesmerizing 3D, and animated 2D art and manga cartoon animation at full frame rate with AAA quality 3D effects and huge amounts of effects on screen.
Featuring five missions, with two bosses each, and an epic finale.

■ Pilot and Customize your Mecha:
6 different robotic armours and player are available with different abilities and special attacks.
Upgrade your armour with different modules like shield, drones and more.
3 unique companion drones including Homing, Cryo Laser and Turret

■ Show off skills around the globe:
With Google Play Games or Facebook realtime leaderboard, see your progression against the player better ranked than you while you play.

■ High quality graphics and support for latest hardware
Realistic physics engine
Advanced 2D Animation engine,
Advanced 3D Engine with optimized for latest tablets in 2017
Exclusive music track from Goldchimes
Dual and single-stick touch control configurations
Bluetooth controller support

In the year 70 of the Galactic Calendar, humanity left Earth for colonizing new solar system, like the 14th solar system. Many years after, the troops of Rokuseya are devastating our solar system, destroying every planet and life, but Tetsuji, Shin and Katashi are the elite pilots and the last line of defence to save Earth.

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4.0.3 and up
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USK: Ages 6+
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500 - 1000
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Latest Ratings

南愚文科刺度恵守 4
You need to take a cue from the game "StraStella". Like collectible 3D pilots. The ones in this game are restricted to 2D like cutscenes. P.S, I am not talking about mecha.
Richard 5
Excellent game from an excellent developer! They fixed the recent Nvidia Shield issues VERY quickly and were a pleasure to communicate with. My only complaints lie in some of the graphical design... The gameplay, background, and motion of the space dust all seem to act differently, and it is honestly very distracting, but if you can look past it, there's a great twin-stick shooter here! Awesome graphics and presentation that mixes 2D hand-drawn anime art with lovely 3D visuals, and the soundtrack is also great! A great game for your smartphone or tablet, and a must-have for Android TV.
Simon 4
Latest version has corrupted graphics in game and in movie at start. Shield TV Tegra x1.
Paul 4
Just started playing on my Nvidia shield tv and so far it's been a nice game and very reasonably priced as well. Nice to see another developer supporting android phone and android tv with out having to buy the game twice, because of this I also bought kosmic revenge so thanks devs and keep up the good work.
Tim 5
I love mecha lol good job on it devs please keep updating and hope u add ground battles hint hint
Haris 5
i like this game cause i love gundam
Paras 1
Crashes, frezees my shield tablet poor controls just wait for proper update
Sergii 4
Shoddy movement, no feedback for play area size, you can be stuck inside boss sometimes, or boss will corner you and you won't notice. And misclicks in the shop.
Jose 4
Amazing game, plesze add to it, a few more different levels and stages would be nice.
Charlie 2
Great pics in the preview. They don't match the gameplay.

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